Wiwi Jury 2017: Which jury scores would we change?


The Wiwi Jury — our in-house panel of music unprofessional — reviewed the songs from Eurovision 2017 way back in March. We based our reviews on studio versions and television performances — but a lot happened in April and sometimes it was enough to make us change our minds.

Earlier this month, most Eurovision stars performed at one of the five pre-parties in Riga, London, Amsterdam Tel Aviv and Madrid. For many, it gave them a chance to perform their song in front of an enthusiastic live audience and to start to get a feel for their song.

And some of us noticed that songs we had previously not been so keen on with the studio version, had suddenly come to life when performed live.

So we’ve taken the chance to revisit some of these songs and give a new jury review and score. This doesn’t affect the overall Wiwi Jury score — those are still locked in and final — but it’s just a nice way of giving a shout out to songs that have grown on us.

Armenia: Artsvik – “Fly with me”

Kristin: Okay, okay, I admit that I was ruthless when first scoring Artsvik and “Fly with me”. I was probably in a bad mood that day, and for that, I am sorry. I originally thought of this to be the 2017 anti climax. We were waiting and waiting and then we waited some more for Armenia to release their entry. I got all hyped and then..well, nothing. So I dismissed Artsvik with an average score. But she just wasn´t taking it and kept on hammering, with this unique Björk-esque folky pop production, with a hint of Madonna´s “Frozen” until I was sold. Good job Artsvik! You have me convinced.

Original score: 5.5/10
Revised score: 8/10

Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov – “Beautiful Mess”

Antony: The maturity and wholesomeness of Kristian’s voice is truly remarkable for kid of his age. The song itself is contemporary and quality but also is stirring evoking emotion aided by ethnic sounds. The staging sounds promising (with the appointment of Sacha Jean Baptist) and therefore due to all of this, this song deserves a higher score.

Original score: 6/10
Revised score: 8/10

Forrest: On hearing the studio version, I found “Beautiful Mess” completely impenetrable and immediately forgettable.  It was clearly offering a contemporary sound with competent vocals, but the second the song ended I could not remember a thing.  That is something I consider to be a cardinal sin when it comes to Eurovision songs; if the song isn’t memorable, it’s dead in the water.  But during the course of the pre-parties, Kristian has made me remember this song.  His live vocals are amazingly delicate, yet strong, and he is able to own the stage with a captivatingly powerful performance.  I’m still not confident this could win it all, but it will very likely give Bulgaria it’s second top 5 finish in as many years.

Original score: 5/10
Revised score: 8/10

Finland: Norma John – “Blackbird”

Antranig: I’ve always had an appreciation for “Blackbird” as one of the more enjoyable ballads of 2017. It came to life after seeing it live and my 7 on the UMK jury became an 8 on the Eurovision 2017 jury. However, the more I listen to it, the more I realise how amazing it truly is. It stirs emotion and compels the listener with controlled vocals and beautiful lyrics. It touches me in a way that few songs do. My only 10/10 score on the Wiwi Jury this year was for Azerbaijan but if I could go back, I would have two perfect scores.

Original score: 8/10
Revised score: 10/10

France: Alma – “Requiem”

Robyn: My original score was based on the studio version, and I’d probably still be tempted to score it that low. But it’s the live version where “Requiem” — and Alma — really comes alive. The pre-party tour gave Alma a chance to get comfortable with the song, and the result is that she now brings so much more to it than the studio version. It flows and it’s full of Parisian sass. All going well, this will get even better in Kyiv. J’aime ça!

Original score: 6/10
Revised score: 8/10

Ireland: Brendan Murray – “Dying to Try”

Kristin: Originally, I had Brendan above the middle for a strong 7. The song caught me at first listen, and I thought it was one of the better ballads this year. But suddenly, I found myself singing the chorus over and over in my head, and “Dying to try” just got better every time. I desperately want Ireland back to the finals and in top ten at least, and Brendan has shown us just how good he really is! Whatever happens in Kiev, this is by far in MY top five and I just can’t get enough. Every inch of my heart is truly Celtic this year.

Original score: 7/10
Revised score: 9.5/10

Robyn: I originally dismissed this as Ireland making a cynical attempt at a “Eurovision song”. But they haven’t played it safe. In a competition full of modern electro pop and dramatic ballads, it takes guts to enter a ’90s throwback. As we’ve seen in the pre-party season, Brendan can deliver fragility, strength and emotion, and captivate audiences. If Ireland gets the staging right (and they seem to be on the right track), this should be what gets Ireland back in the grand final. Lighters in the air, y’all!

Original score: 4/10
Revised score: 7/10

Latvia: Triana Park – “Line”

Antony: Line is an uplifting and energetic song that keeps you excited until the very last note. It is evident that Triana Park are committed to delivering a strong stage performance (as seen in Riga pre party). With that in consideration and the fact they are performing last in their semi final, I am confident Latvia will do well this year.

Original score: 5/10
Revised score: 7/10

Poland: Kasia Mos – “Flashlight”

Luis: I probably was too harsh with Kasia at first. Understand me, she was selected when all songs we had were ballads and this was just another one. Also, it’s a lyrical mess and that’s a huge no for me. However, I was totally passing by the fact that Kasia Mos is a vocal powerhouse and she has a great stage presence. I’ve also grown to like the melody, specially the dramatic ending. In the end, Kasia is still singing about nothing in particular, but a little bit of padding never killed anyone.

Original score: 3.5/10
Revised score: 6.5/10

What do you think? Do you feel differently towards any songs? Share your thoughts below!