Montenegro: Slavko Kalezic whips his hair back during first rehearsal


If you’re going to do crazy you have to commit. And Montenegro’s Slavko Kalezic did just that during his first rehearsal at Eurovision 2017, turning his man-braid into the centre of his over-the-top and ultimately uplifting performance. The X Factor Adria star turned up and turned out, wearing a translucent, skintight black top that showed off his ample assets. During the song’s introduction he wore his blue-ish Venus skirt from the music video, before stripping it off to reveal spray-on diamond-studded leggings, which cling to each of his gym-honed contours. He works hard for that body and it shows!

So far today this is the only act to receive rapturous (rather than scattered) applause in the press centre, and for good reason. Following all those ballads this morning “Space” really pops out both musically — disco updated for today — and visually — Slavko slut-dropped, whipped his hair back, spun it around and even swept the floor with it. Someone please send shampoo! At one point he writhed on the LED floor, which features a close-up of him mouthing the lyrics of his song. So essentially you have Slavko wiggling on his own mouth. It’s WTF in the most amazing way.

Vocally this still needs a lot of work. Slavko, who may have been holding out, didn’t always seem in tune and his backing vocalists struggled too. We’re going to put this down to technical issues. And thankfully the visuals made us forget any vocal shortcomings. Looking half-man, half-horse, this takes on a mythical quality and it really stands out.

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Photo: (EBU)