Ireland’s Brendan Murray: “Dying to Try… It’s about taking a leap of faith”


He’s the ex-Hometown member who’s now going solo. And Ireland’s Brendan Murray proved it was a good decision, as he was flying high during his first rehearsal of “Dying to Try” on Tuesday.

Our William and Deban caught up with him after he made his way down from his hot air balloon to catch up on his staging, his angelic voice and his recent physical transformation that has seen him bulk up big time.

His first rehearsal centred around a hot air balloon, underneath which the carefully coiffed singer stood placidly. His soaring vocals featured prominently as the balloon glided over a rapidly retreating countryside via the LED effects.

When asked what he thought about his staging, he didn’t mince his words: “We got the layout two weeks ago. When I saw it, I was blown away. It was incredible.”

“For me, the hot air balloon is a sign of love. ‘Dying to Try’ is about taking a leap of faith. Putting your trust in someone else. Love can take you anywhere in the world.”

It seems his sky-high vocals were not the only thing pushing his balloon to greater heights. The wind machine got a little out of control, blowing his hair and shirt about unexpectedly. Brendan took it all in stride though, joking: “I’ve never been in front of a wind machine while singing before actually. It felt breezy.”

Brendan’s high notes are impressive yet gentle. When asked how he manages it — and if he feels any pressure to reach that note — Brendan is honest: “Through the song I’m always concentrating because it is a big range in the song. I need to hit that note spot on on the night of the performance. I’ve done it so many times, and I believe I can do it.”

The Irish singer has a much lower speaking voice than the register he uses to sing most of his Eurovision entry. He shrugs it off as no big deal: “It is just a tone. I had the tone growing up in the family. I’m blessed.”

Brendan even shows that falsetto off in the interview. He gives us a short rendition of Johnny Logan‘s Eurovision 1987 winning song, “Hold Me Now”.

And to that performance, we say – own what the good lord gave you, honey!

Brendan Murray will perform “Dying to Try” live during the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday, May 11.

Do you think the hot air balloon of love will carry Ireland to the Final?  Let us know in the Comments section below!