Israel’s Imri Ziv breaks into pieces in skin-tight club couture during first rehearsal


He’s the Israeli stud known for his gym-honed body and sun-kissed skin. And on Wednesday Imri Ziv made the most of it during a skin-tillating performance of his song “I Feel Alive” inside the International Exhibition Centre.

The performance starts off dimly lit, with Imri standing before a grey-and-white circular display. We soon see a large image of him in a tank top on the LED and, as he says he breaks into pieces, the image does just that before the stage explodes with light. At times it’s a sizzling red-orange — with lots of pyro sparks. But when he goes quiet and enters the slower verses, the lights dim again and he’s surrounded by Sanna Nielsen “Undo” like lighting. Shards of glass seem to shatter behind him.

Showing off his biceps in a black vest and a pair of matching spray-on trousers, he’s ready for the club. So naturally he’s joined by two dancers who perform energetic choreography. During the bridge of the song his backing vocalists emerge from the shadows and join in on the fun, performing simple moves in unison in a bid to get the audience moving along with them.

And what’s a guy’s best accessory at the club? Swagger and attitude, honey. Imri serves both in spades, playing to the camera with his smouldering eyes and cheeky grin. He knows he’s got it — and he’s not afraid to flaunt it.

Vocally this has improved significantly, owing to Imri’s new-found confidence and quality backing vocalists. There are, of course, some difficult notes in this, and at times he did falter. But with this strong rehearsal behind him, the only way is up.

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Photo: (EBU)