Lithuania: Fusedmarc fights the flames during manic first rehearsal


They’re the experimental pop duo who upset the favourites at home to win the Eurovision ticket to Kyiv. And today Lithuania’s Fusedmarc finally unleashed their “Rain of Revolution” inside the International Exhibition Centre.

The song portrays lead singer Victoria as a strong woman in total control of herself. But today she seemed to be a strong woman in total control of herself with major anger issues. Scowling at the camera as she barked “yeah, yeah, yeah,” she seemed to be leading both a revolution and a bloody coup d’état at the same time (there was a lot of red, y’all). That might explain why her hair looked so unkempt and in need of a good brush.

Turning up the amity factor won’t do much to save this, unfortunately. The lacklustre (or absent) melody left many members of the press room running to the bathroom during the final run-through so they wouldn’t miss the first take from Estonia.

It’s not all bad. Victoria has a big set of lungs and delivers this with conviction. Bonus: She has one of the best visuals of the year in her two rings of swirling fire (on the floor and on the wall). That effect really brings the heat.

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Photo: (EBU)