Switzerland: Timebelle serves Beauty and the Beast realness during first rehearsal


They’re the Swiss three-piece with a stunning Romanian front-woman. And on Wednesday Switzerland’s Timebelle finally unveiled their stage show, which conjures thoughts of the Disney animated classic Beauty and the Beast.

Standing at the top of a white spiral staircase, Miruna wears a bright yellow gown with an open-front. It shows off her endlessly lithe legs, which looked well-oiled beneath the stage lights. Cloud effects on the LED make her look as if she’s standing atop the heavens, which works well with the mythological reference of her song “Apollo”. But Miruna is a princess of the people, and she swans down from the heavens to belt it out next to a white piano, where one of her bandmates sits wearing a pink tuxedo.

At times on the preview trail “Apollo” has seemed sluggish and somehow languid. But Miruna, already a competent singer, seemed to come alive on the big stage today, delivering a more lively and powerful performance of her song. The move away from the red roses and gown from the national selection was a smart move. The bright colours give this added vibrancy and drive.

Some may say the staging is a bit high school prom, and that the mix of yellow dress and pink tuxedos is a bit gauche. But ultimately this seems cohesive. They’ve taken us to a palace in the sky and Miruna is most definitely the belle of the ball.

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Photo: Eurovision.tv (EBU)