Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2017: Semi-Final results


Some say that real men don’t cry. But the 39 men competing to win Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2017 certainly do. In the past week they have poured blood, sweat and tears into our competition—the world’s premier online modelling contest for the men competing at the Eurovision Song Contest. They’ve strained muscles working out, and they’ve had to eat lean protein and vegetables instead of cheesecake. For some of these men the pain is about to get a lot worse, as we cut 39 semi-finalists down to 14. The semi-finals of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2017 end now.

More than 30 attractive men stand before me. But I only have 14 photos in my hands. And these 14 photos represent the 14 of you who are still in the running to win Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2017. Those of you whose name I do not call out must immediately return to the House of Wiwi, pack up your protein powder, and go home.

The acts whose names I do call will advance to the finals of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model, which kicks off tomorrow.

Our readers cast a total of 16,883 votes in the semi-finals. The man finishing in first place earned 1,921 of them (or around 11.4%). He’s singing a song called “I Feel Alive” and he is definitely giving our readers life. He is Israel’s IMRI.

Congratulations, IMRI. You’re still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model.

Finishing in second place — and 671 votes behind IMRI — is Sweden’s Robin Bengtsson.

The gym-honed stud uses his stage routine to stay in shape, performing on a treadmill to burn extra calories. That is how you slay.

Congratulations, Robin. You’re still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model.

Rounding out the Top 3 is a guy who puts the gentle in gentleman. He’s consistently impressed us with his kindness and openness — and of course his lovely voice.

Like Austria’s last Eurovision winner he has a luscious beard. He’s also got a spot in the Top Model final. He is Nathan Trent and he earned 1,250 votes — or around 7% of all those cast.

Now y’all: We ain’t got time to introduce you to everyone, so here are the full results of the semi-finals. The men in bold have made the final, which kicks off on Saturday. Voting will be reset to ZERO. The guys will need to up their game to stay in the race — even if they’re currently on top.


  1. Israel: Imri Ziv 11.38% (1,921 votes)
  2. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson 7.4% (1,250 votes)
  3. Austria: Nathan Trent 7.14% (1,205 votes)
  4. Ireland: Brendan Murray 6.4% (1,081 votes)
  5. Italy: Francesco Gabbani 5.89% (995 votes)
  6. Romania: Alex Florea 5.46% (921 votes)
  7. Cyprus: HOVIG 4.54% (767 votes)
  8. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov 3.71% (626 votes)
  9. Ukraine: O.Torvald’s Yevhen 3.62% (612 votes)
  10. Montenegro: Slavko Kalezic 3.33% (563 votes)
  11. Estonia: Koit Toome 3.29% (556 votes)
  12. Portugal: Salvador Sobral 3.21% (542 votes)
  13. Finland: Norma John’s Lasse 3.12% (527 votes)
  14. Norway: Aleksander Walmann 3.09% (522 votes)
  15. Switzerland: Timebelle’s Samuel 3.06% (517 votes)
  16. Moldova: Sunstroke Project’s Sergei Yalovitsky 3% (506 votes)
  17. Australia: Isaiah 2.99% (505 votes)
  18. Norway: JOWST 2.96% (499 votes)
  19. Spain: Manel Navarro 2.95% (498 votes)
  20. Switzerland: Timebelle’s Emanuel 2.13% (359 votes)
  21. Latvia: Men of Triana Park 1.79% (302 votes)
  22. Moldova: Sunstroke Project’s Anton Ragoza 1.66% (280 votes)
  23. Slovenia: Omar Naber 1.42% (240 votes)
  24. Moldova: Sunstroke Project’s Sergey Stepanov 1.4% (237 votes)
  25. Hungary: Joci Papai 1.37% (232 votes)
  26. San Marino: Jimmie Wilson 1.36% (230 votes)
  27. Belarus: Naviband’s Arciom 1.02% (173 votes)
  28. Ukraine: Men of O.Torvald 0.78% (132 votes)
  29. Croatia: Jacques Houdek 0.37% (62 votes)
  30. Lithuania: Fusedmarc’s Vakx 0.14% (23 votes)

Total Votes: 16,883

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