Sweden Georgia Australia First Rehearsal

Another day, another chance to perfect your dance moves, hit those high notes and find the light ahead of Eurovision 2017. This morning second rehearsals are unfolding inside the International Exhibition Centre in Kyiv. We’re uploading all of the second rehearsals to our YouTube channel and will sound off below on the tweaks the artists have made since their first run-through earlier this week. First up are Robin Bengtsson, Georgia’s Tamara Gachechiladze and Australia’s Isaiah.

Sweden: Robin Bengtsson with “I Can’t Go On”

He sings “girl, you make me a believer, I wanna take off all my clothes.” But during his second rehearsal Robin Bengtsson kept his suit on and once again it hugged him in all the right places. The opening, where he walks in from back stage, took on a more golden hue this morning. The bright lights of that intro contrast more sharply with the darker blues and purples that appear on stage.

This was already polished and sleek, so producers didn’t have that much to work on. But they did correct their biggest mistake from the first rehearsal, where the cameras didn’t always catch the artist from all sides. Robin’s choreography on the treadmill deliberately has him turning his back to the audience. This time the cameras managed to capture all of him from that angle (rather than just his ass) helping up the funky swagger this performance relies on.

Sweden’s Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Robin Bengtsson, “I Can’t Go On”: Performance Preview

Georgia: Tamara Gachechiladze with “Keep the Faith”

Tamara finally unveiled her stage dress and it continues her theme of fire and passion. The hip-hugging red sequinned gown sweeps the floor and features illusion cut-outs that match Tamara’s skin tone perfectly. Slightly translucent at the skirt, it shows off her perfect pins when light shines from behind.

Producers have given this a bit more life and energy with some faster camera cuts and more interesting shots, including one where they pan out dramatically as the pyro flames shoot up to the sky and the spaceship stage turns orange. Drama.

Georgia’s Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017


Tamara Gachechiladze, “Keep the Faith”: Performance Preview

Australia: Isaiah with “Don’t Come Easy”

Because Georgia and Australia are both working with Swedish stage director Sacha Jean-Baptiste, Australia’s audition slot was pushed back one space so she could go into the viewing room with Georgia.

When Australia finally did take the stage, Isaiah was firmly in control. He walked on his spinning platform with more confidence, which gave the entire performance more energy and thrust. The wheels and undercarriage of the platform weren’t visible this time, helping protect the intimate and magical atmosphere he creates with his LEDs. The camera cuts were tighter and at times moved from shot to shot much more quickly, helping add dynamism.

Australia’s Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Isaiah, “Don’t Come Easy”: Performance Preview

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They must do something about the face closeups but overall I think the walking concept with the slide show background is very cool. I know he will sound incredible on the big day and with a few adjustments it will look and sound great for the arena and home viewers. Maybe have a backdrop with patterns or scenery NOT just his face (A mix of both). Vocally he will not disappoint and changes in the song actually sound much better. Still top 10 for me.


*The comment above is in relation to Australia*

A general sense: artists seem more used to the stage and they are more confident! Sweden: Much of the same as the 1st rehearsal! Everything seems ok! Robin’s suit is brighter! A great starter of the semi! Georgia: I really liked Tamara’s dress! I watched her interview with Deban and she said she actually wanted to wear white but at the end she wore red to make it more dramatic! Thank you girl! Too much white today! I prefer the dominance of red in the performance and the pyros work! Vocally, no need to say sth! She slayed! Australia: A… Read more »

Formatting test. Sweden:

Thanks to the big LED screen the graphics look even been than on Melodifestivalen. The number of dance moves that can become classic if he wins is through the roof. The weakness remains the song and the singing.
Chance of qualifying: 100%


Australia: his voice is great
Sweden: staging and singer are good, song is average
Georgia: she is beautiful, voice is good, song is boring


yeeeah isaiah is on fire!i am the biggest fan of his voice.So strong and clean but yet so smooth??


1)Australia 2)Sweden 3)Georgia
Australia & Georgia are better vocalists.
Sweden’s staging is more complete than the others but it’s quite annoying now.


Isaiah is the winner for me. I actually like the staging and can visualise how good it’ll look on the tv and for viewers in the arena. I absolutely love his vocals.


I’ll just focus on the positive.
Sweden sounds catchy and the choreography is slick.
Australia has modern tune with a great voice and captivating background.


Now I understand Georgia’s red. She needed the most bold of colors because she is singing about hiding behind the veil, and after that she needed something bold.

Polegend Godgarina

Taco Guacamole was great! Australia is boring…


Robin is the BEST!!! <3


Sweden good as always, although his vocals didn’t convince me today.
Georgia was okay, for me it’s too red. I don’t like the dress either. Won’t qualify.
Australia was a bit disappointing, I don’t like the platform. He looks uncomfortable while singing. If he doesn’t improve, this could be a nailbiter for Australia.

Bella sim

Australia had the best rehearsal, Sweden needs to improve a little bit more vocally. Georgia won’t qualify unfortunately

Leo M

Australia was one of my favourites before rehearsals but I don’t like this performance. Vocals were not great and I don’t like the background. I don’t like the idea of having youself on the screen and there a few countries doing that this year.

Stephen Podesta

Isaiah sounds really good, the backdrop seem OK, but the turn table should be dumped, but then I said the same last year about Damis box.

Mattias Sollerman

Is anyone else getting nervous from watching their country’s rehearsals?

Purple Mask

Nope. UK hasn’t started yet! 😀 Haha


(Georgia) Tamara – My Winner


Georgia is my last, but with this overdramatic diva performance I see the juries and viewers voting for Tako. The song is bad, boring and all kind of negative adjectives you consider.

I like Australia, but why he has to use that moving platform? It doesn’t go well with the song, makes no sense for me…


I think Isaiah’s performance will look amazing on screen. His vocals are on point as expected. This song will do very well in the international charts after the hype of eurovision has faded. Top 3

Grete Paia

Is this WIWI DENISE? Hun-neeeee you need to come back and make videos. They are badly missing you. Padraig looks so glum without you

Purple Mask

It’s all beginning to come together now. (Pardon the old pun slogan.) 😀


Sweden will qualify because they have a slick and well-prepared show. What is lacking is a song of any merit and a voice of some kind of standing. Vocals are very dodgy indeed – give this guy a tune and some key changes – or strip him of his backing vocals – and the whole thing would be a huge embarrassment! The only quality Nordic entries this year must be Finland and Norway!

Sweden: I think the length of his trousers is ridiculous, he looks like a ten year old boy who has just had a growth spurt. I still don’t really like the backdrops, they remind me of the early days of CGI. Of course, it’s not bad overall, but I’m not overwhelmed by it either. Georgia: It’s a nice dress, but not for that type of song. The cape removal makes no sense and overall it’s VERY red. To me, it’s Sacha Jean-Baptiste’s weakest effort so far. Australia: The first glimpse looked promising on Sunday, but it’s visually less stunning than… Read more »

Sweden is Sweden. They are stable and would qualify. Don’t think that it will manage top 5 however.
Georgia is stunning! But her song has no connection to her staging. When you sing about hope and faith, the image that comes to mind is definitely not a red dress. Her concept is flawed. Despite her great voice she probably won’t qualify.
Australia is… He will qualify but not thanks his staging. These giant faces on screen are bugging me to no end. He sings soulfully and flawlessly however so I believe he will be in GF.


Robin as polished as expected. Isaiah was good but I still think some of the LED backdrops are not good and Tamara looked great but the song is DOA.
Of course, all of these were better than Blanche. =(


Georgia will qualify I think.


Tamara is Fantastic and looks incredibly stunning. She must qualify!!


@ Benny

I doubt it !


I just have to ‘keep the faith’. Hoping that she will.


go, go, go Blanche. Proof that you are a real winner.