Ukraine: O.Torvald gives head during first rehearsal


At their national selection they wore ticking time bombs and were covered in faux blood and gore. Now, perhaps owing to the ongoing geopolitical conflict at home, they’ve recast their performance and removed all references to killing.

O.Torvald cleaned up their look, but they still had their musical grit and edge. The visual centrepiece of their performance is a large bust of a man. It illuminates in all manner of colours as the background LED moves from darkness to a fierce lightning storm. Lots of white strobes give this a rock feel, but the ending is somehow poetic. The song dies down and we see a golden sun rising from behind a mountain landscape. The camera also pans outward and up, and the LED illuminates with gold lines. It gives a sense of depth — and the head a body, creating the illusion a person is poking up through the stage.

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Photo: (EBU)