Second rehearsals at Eurovision 2017: The Netherlands, Hungary, Denmark, Ireland, San Marino


The sisters of O’G3NE will launch their nuclear harmonies, Denmark’s Anja Nissen will work her signature red dress and San Marino’s Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson will turn the stage into a nightclub with sweaty disco beats. Yes, second rehearsals for Eurovision 2017 are on! Here’s what’s going down inside the International Exhibition Centre.

The Netherlands: O’G3NE with “Lights and Shadows”

Cry no more, but keep on slaying! Lisa, Amy and Shelley were already on-point during their first rehearsal and today they turned things up yet again, hitting their vocals and oozing the same sass and energy that made them a standout earlier this week. The visuals reflect the theme of lights and shadows, and at times seem earthly vs. heavenly as it moves from candle lights (which shine on both the LED floor and walls — to vast expanses of white and a warm golden-orange hue. The LED graphic of a woman laying with her arm outstretched — an obvious reference to their ill mother — flashes more briefly, but seems higher impact now owing to the bright lighting and angle of the view.

Of course it wasn’t just a rehearsal for the ladies. The cameramen and producers did a better job of keeping the trio in focus, particularly during a portion of the song when two of the sisters turn their backs to the camera. Everyone remains in frame, which will surely be a relief.

The Netherlands’ Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

O’G3NE, “Lights and Shadows”: Performance Preview

Hungary: Joci Papai with “Origo”

Earlier in the week he quivered and shook during his first Eurovision rehearsal. But today Joci said sayonara to the nerves as he stood on stage serving his unique brand of ethno-pop slayage. The stage no longer swallows him, as the cameramen have refined their angles and do a better job tracking his movements. They’ve also helped give his dancer more of an identity by zooming in on her face and capturing the chemistry between the two of them. These subtle fixes made the performance more spiritual and emotive — essential for pushing this through to the final.

Joci Papai, “Origo” Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Joci Papai, “Origo”: Performance Preview

Denmark: Anja Nissen with “Where I Am”

She’s always flawless vocally and her performance is largely cut-and-paste from Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. But today Anja managed to take things up another notch by slipping into her signature red dress. That will come as a relief to many who worried that she might wear billowing trousers following her first rehearsals earlier this week, when she wore some outré pants with strange fish fins. Classy and really serving it — especially when she falls to her knees — Anja is ready for her moment.

Denmark’s Second Rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Denmark “Where I am”: Performance Preview

Ireland: Brendan Murray with “Dying to Try”

Eyebrows sculpted, hair coiffed and game face on, Brendan Murray turned up to his second rehearsal looking every inch the ex-boyband-member. Perhaps hoping to add a bit of sex appeal to his clean-cut image, he unbuttoned his button-up, revealing a white v-neck shirt that clung to each of his delicious contours. The camera pans felt somehow smoother and more controlled — producers have done their homework — giving this a refined and expensive feel. He’s looking good and sounding great.

Ireland’s second rehearsal at Eurovision 2017

Ireland, “Dying to Try”: Performance Preview

San Marino: Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson with “Spirit of the Night”

The “Spirit of the Night” continues to move Valentina and Jimmie, who were having a blast with their freestyle choreography and nightclub couture. Valentina decided to ditch the purse for this run through, leaving her lipstick and mace at home. Much is the same — an explosion of colours from purple to pink, quick camera pans and lots of leather.

San Marino’s second rehearsal

San Marino, “Spirit of the Night”: Performance Preview

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