WATCH: Germany, United Kingdom and France — second rehearsals


The final set of second rehearsals at Eurovision 2017 saw a woman voguing on molten diamond, a diva singing in the stars and a French songstress strutting before the Eiffel Tower. Here’s what went down with Germany’s Levina, the UK’s Lucie Jones and France’s Alma.

Germany: Levina with “Perfect Life”

She sings that sometimes it’s wrong before it’s right. But Levina was already onto a good thing during her first rehearsal. This morning much was the same with Levina turning up the volume visually with a stunning series of pyro geysers that encircle the stage. The stunning opening visual — her laying on the grey-and-white floor and the close camera crops of her face — keep this looking glam and expensive. Vocally she’s confident and precise. This is the kind of German engineering we love!

Germany will perform in the second half of the grand final.

Germany’s second rehearsal

Levina, “Perfect Life”: Performance Preview

United Kingdom: Lucie Jones with “Never Give Up On You”

Earlier in the week Lucie resembled an extra in Les Miserables, channeling the madness and strain that she sings about. But today Lucie glammed up a bit, slipping into a shinier version of the same gold dress. Standing in a massive glass chard she was confident and in total control, and looked stunning as the shard reflected her back to herself. The starbursts and golden colours remain the same — and for good reason. Lucie was already on-point during her first run-through. It’s looking good for the UK and we’re confident they can improve on their results from recent years.

The UK will perform in the second half of the grand final.

The UK’s second rehearsal

Lucie Jones, “Never Give Up On You”: Performance Preview

France: Alma with “Requiem”

France’s second rehearsal

She’s showing classic vistas of Paris on her LED, but she she’s working very modern camera tricks. Producers have sorted out their spinning and cropping and the stage feels less empty. Alma still disappears into the cityscape at times. But if producers tweak the contrast slightly she’ll pop just a bit more. At the same time, Alma disappearing fits somehow with the dizzying quality of the shot.

France will perform in the second half of the grand final.

Alma, “Requiem “: Performance Preview