WATCH: Ukraine, Italy and Spain — second rehearsals


Massive heads in the centre of the stage, a dancing gorilla and digital surfboards — it’s time for more second rehearsals at Eurovision 2017! This morning Ukraine’s O.TorvaldItaly’s Francesco Gabbani, and Spain’s Manel Navarro take the stage keen to show off their various nips and tucks. Here’s what’s going down…

Ukraine: O.Torvald with “Time”

They’re bringing rock to Eurovision 2017 and this morning O.Torvald really did rock on. Their stage show featured many more fast cuts and strobes this time around, helping give the song pace and energy. Lightning crashes and the camera zooms in on the drummer banging and the guitarists strumming — and at deliberately lop-sided angles to create a raw, chaotic quality. A series of words in different languages — including Mandarin, English and Ukrainian — flash at the top of the LED. (We discerned “obey”, “time” and “look”). The lead singer now wears an avant-garde tunic with no sleeves, which helps him show off his endless series of tattoos which snake from shoulder to wrist.

Giving us head yet again, producers have adjusted how they present the massive bust at centre stage. LED floor effects now move from floor to face and it seems to be catching the various colours and light much better today. They’ve also adjusted the lighting, timing and pace of the ending, zooming in close on the golden head and panning out more slowly so that you see and grasp the effect of a man submerged in the giant floor.

Ukraine will perform 22nd in the grand final.

Ukraine’s second rehearsal

O.Torvlad, “Time”: Performance Preview

Italy: Francesco Gabbani with “Occidentali’s karma”

Italy’s run toward the winner’s trophy got renewed strength this morning as it became clear that its delegation had sorted out many of their technical issues from the first rehearsal. The dancing gorillas on the LED now sway in time with Francesco (for the most part), making the digital-human choreography really pop. Francesco seemed more at ease and even more playful, getting very saucy when he sang the words “sex appeal”. His backing vocalists also seemed to have been practicing their moves, as they managed to sway in time as well. At times Francesco and his gorilla disappeared in the black portions of the LED wall and floor. But during our interview yesterday in Kyiv he told us he’s going to “light up”. He didn’t elaborate, but perhaps that means his suit will feature some special lighting?

Italy will perform in the first half of the grand final.

Italy’s second rehearsal

Francesco Gabbani, “Occidentali’s Karma”: Performance Preview

Spain: Manel Navarro with “Time”

The performance opens with a dark moon rising and Manel’s sexy and inviting vocals. But the sun soon rises and we see Manel serving that Iberian warmth via yellow palm trees, beach vistas and plenty of sun. The camera seemed to linger on his face more this time around — no complaints here — and he was completely in his element, serving boho-hippy realness. The camera pans helped highlight some of the LED wall and floor backdrops more strongly this time, including a lovely shot from overhead where Manel and his backing vocalists appear to be singing on top of surfboards. It’s breezy and bright. The performance order could really make or break this. Sandwich it between two women screaming about pain and love and Manel could definitely finish a few places higher on the scoreboard.

Spain will perform in the second half of the grand final.

Spain’s second rehearsal

Manel Navarro, “Do It For Your Lover”: Performance Preview

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