Eurovision 2017 Semi-Final 1 odds: Portugal and Armenia remain favourites to win


Last night, during the Eurovision 2017 Semi-Final 1 jury show, sparks flew and voices soared. And in the aftermath the bookies’ continued to narrow the odds on the front-runners to win.

With tonight’s show just hours away, Portugal’s Salvador Sobral remains in pole position with odds as low as 15/8. The “Amar pelos dois” singer, who missed last week’s rehearsals owing to ongoing health issues, was not phased during the jury show, delivering an emotional performance with his signature quirks. As he sang it was clear he was in another world. Yet he still managed to connect with the audience around him. This gave us major winner’s vibes.

But victory in the semi-final isn’t a sure thing, as Armenia’s Artsvik remains level with him at a number of betting agencies with odds as low as 2/1.

The “Fly With Me” singer works ethno-glam better than anyone in this year’s competition, delivering a dazzling stage show that elevates her vaguely ancient sounding song into performance art.

It works on a micro level — hand movements, nail polish, costume, digital LED bird — and a macro one — beautiful colours, inspiring sound, undeniable atmosphere.

Producers accidentally cued the Czech Republic’s music at the start of her performance last night, but she remained unfazed, hitting her performance and putting that blip behind her.

Given that Russia’s diaspora vote is up for grabs, she may well swoop in like an eagle and snatch up those votes.

Eurovision 2017: Semi-Final 1 odds to win


Eurovision 2017: Semi-Final 1 odds to qualify

Odds to win are one thing, odds to qualify are another.

At the moment the bookies believe that the ten acts proceeding to the final are: Sweden, Armenia, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Greece, Finland, Australia, Moldova, Belgium and Cyprus.

In their eyes, Poland, Latvia, Georgia, Slovenia, Iceland, Albania, Montenegro and Czech Republic are out.

Our readers don’t agree. In their minds (and based on our fan poll), Poland, Latvia and Iceland will sail through.

We tend to think that Poland will advance, owing to Kasia’s strong jury performance and the Polish diaspora vote. Latvia, which closes the show, is in a strong position — it’s difficult to forget their neon splatter paint and edgy sound going into the voting interval.