Salvador Sobral: “I’m grateful for the support, it means that people believe in this and feel our song”


Last night he wowed viewers during the first semi-final of Eurovision 2017 and has watched the bookies slash his odds to win the grand final since then.

And just hours before Portugal‘s Salvador Sobral took the stage he caught up with wiwibloggs editor-in-chief William in the press centre, discussing, among other things, how his ongoing health issues forced him to delay his arrival, his thoughts on being a favourite to win it all, Europe’s refugee crisis and his spirit animal. You’ll never guess what it is…

As you know very well know by now, Salvador has brought Portugal back to the Grand Final after a seven-year drought with a moving performance of “Amar Pelos Dois”. His perfect voice, his quirky look and the faces he pulled with his sister in the Green Room won over countless hearts in Europe and Australia. His nickname is Salvadorable, after all!

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Laidback and totally unfazed by the competition, Salvador revealed that wiwibloggs is his main source of information about the Eurovision Song Contest.

We were thrilled to learn that he watched his sister Luísa Sobral’s rehearsals on our website and YouTube channel. He also gave a shout out in Portuguese to his fans at home and recommended us as the source for all ESC-related news. Muy obrigado, Salvador!

Speaking about the rehearsals, Salvador said he was amazed to find out that at Eurovision the artists have to rehearse so many times. Because his sister Luísa stood in for him in during the first week of rehearsals, Salvador only had to rehearse four times, but even that seemed excessive to the unique singer. He doesn’t need four rehearsals, y’all! He can slay all of our hearts in one go!

Salvador confessed that he had no say in the staging because he has “no sense of aesthetics”. He does not see the visuals anyway, as they are always behind him. But we see them and they are as magical as “Amar Pelos Dois” itself.

The Portuguese singer may not have any particular sense of style, but he wears his simple black jumper with pride. The “SOS Refugees” across his chest shows that he is an advocate for the less fortunate who had to leave their families, homes, and countries behind in war-torn areas around the globe.

Salvador wants to use his fame to lobby for a less bureaucratic way to process asylum seekers. The Portuguese singer believes that people who flee their countries in plastic boats should not be compelled to carry birth certificates to prove who they are — they should simply be helped to overcome their trying ordeal.

Moving on to a lighter topic, Salvador is grateful that he is second in the odds. “It means that people believe in [our entry] and feel our song,” he says. The Portuguese singer has met the bookies’ favourite Francesco Gabbani, and he told us that he would be happy with Italy winning, because the message of “Occidentali’s Karma” is important.

Last but not least, Salvador told us that his spirit animal is the parrot, because he likes to imitate sounds that he hears. He proceeded to imitate William’s animal sounds and proved that he is not only an amazing singer, but also a salvadorable parrot at heart.

After advancing from the First Semi-final, the Portuguese singer drew the “First Half” ticket, which means that he will perform in the first batch of 13 artists during Saturday’s Grand Final.

What was your favourite part of our interview with Salvador Sobral? What do you think about his performance last night? And how do you think he will fare in the Grand Final? Let us know in the comments!