WATCH: Eurovision Semi-Final 1 qualifiers press conference and allocation draw

Semi-Final 1 of Eurovision 2017 has come and gone — and with it dreams of Eurovision glory for the eight eliminated acts. But for tonight’s ten lucky (and talented) qualifiers, the grand final now awaits. As the results poured in the team from wiwibloggs grabbed a front row seat — we’re being literal — in the press conference room, where we filmed the acts expressing their thanks and sounding off on how they were feeling. Lots of warm fuzzies all around.


Eurovision 2017: Semi-Final 1 qualifiers press conference

Press conference: What went down

The artists were relieved and so were their fans. This was perhaps most evident in countries who have faced a hard time at Eurovision in recent years.

Salvador Sobral ended Portugal’s seven-year stretch of non-qualifications and received a rapturous welcome.

Greek fans, who watched their country fail to quality for the first time ever in 2016, were thrilled to see Demy set the country back on the path to Eurovision glory.

The questions were generally quite banal and the responses somewhat predictable.

However, Kasia Mos touched us by saying she hopes Poland will change its laws and one day forbid people from putting dogs on chains.

And Salvador Sobral made a passionate plea for Europe to accept more refugees.

First half or second half?

During the semi-final all ten qualifiers drew “first half” or “second half” from a large fish bowl.

Producers will now decide the precise running order for each half with the goal of creating the most interesting show possible. Interestingly three of our favourites — Italy, Armenia and Portugal — all drew the first half.

You can watch the entire process in our video at top. But we also filmed snippets on our Instagram account. And here they are…

In which half of the show will YOUR favourite perform? Do you think that the allocation will impact his or her chances on Saturday? Sound off below!

Photo: Thomas Hanses (EBU)