Poll results: Armenia’s Artsvik is your favourite female soloist at Eurovision 2017


The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 features some of the biggest voices we’ve heard at Eurovision in several years. And sixteen of the forty-two acts competing this year are strong, independent women. Throw your hands up at me! Back in March we asked you guys who you thought was the best solo female vocalist at this years competition. After counting 16,225 votes, we can now reveal the winner…

Topping the list of talented ladies is the beautiful Artsvik from Armenia. Her name translates to “eagle” in English, and she is ready to swoop in for that trophy in Kyiv. Bringing us some modernised Armenian traditionalism, intricate arm choreography and a powerhouse vocal, Artsvik has truly earned her place at the top of this list. She didn’t come to play – she came to slay!

Coming in for the silver medal is the beautiful Kasia Mos from Poland. She doesn’t need any “Flashlight” to find her talent because it comes naturally with no batteries required.

During her semi final performance, Kasia killed it in a white dress accompanied by a solo violinist. Simple yet sophisticated. Minimalist yet substantial. Kasia Mos gets it!

Rounding out the talented top three was the exquisite Blanche from Belgium. Despite attracting some negative attention in the beginning of her rehearsals, Blanche absorbed that energy and turned it into something positive. The fragility of her voice combined with a memorable pop track propelled her into the final. Slaying on every level.


  1. Armenia – Artsvik with “Fly With Me” (2,729 votes, 16.82%)
  2. Poland – Kasia Mos with “Flashlight” (1,461 votes, 9%)
  3. Belgium – Blanche with “City Lights” (1,366 votes, 8.42%)
  4. France – Alma with “Requiem” (1,342 votes, 8.27%)
  5. Denmark – Anja Nissen with “Where I Am” (1,122 votes, 6.92%)
  6. United Kingdom – Lucie Jones with “Never Give Up On You” (1,087 votes, 6.7%)
  7. Azerbaijan – Dihaj with “Skeletons” (1,052 votes, 6.48%)
  8. FYR Macedonia – Jana Burceska with “Dance Alone” (972 votes, 5.99%)
  9. Albania – Lindita with “World” (914 votes, 5.63%)
  10. Georgia – Tamara Gachechiladze with “Keep The Faith” (853 votes, 5.26%)
  11. Greece – Demy with “This Is Love” (746 votes, 4.6%)
  12. Serbia – Tijana Bogicevic with “In Too Deep” (617 votes, 3.8%)
  13. Iceland – Svala with “Paper” (605 votes, 3.73%)
  14. Germany – Levina with “Perfect Life” (371 votes, 2.29%)
  15. Czech Republic – Martina Barta with “My Turn” (346 votes, 2.13%)
  16. Malta – Claudia Faniello with “Breathlessly” (326 votes, 2.01%)
  17. Russia – Julia Samoylova with “Flame Is Burning” (316 votes, 1.95%)