The hero of our time! Massive homecoming welcome for Salvador Sobral in Lisbon


He came, he sang and he won the hearts of the whole continent. On Saturday, Salvador Sobral gave Portugal its first ever Eurovision victory after 49 years, and the Portuguese are giving him a massive welcome in return. Hundreds of people were waiting for the “Amar pelos dois” singer at Lisbon’s Aeroporto Humberto Delgado.

Salvador Sobral arrives in Portugal

Salvador’s plane landed around 16.00 (Portugal time) and the crowd went crazy for the winner. Amidst all the cheering and applause, the Eurovision 2017 winner felt totally overcome by the situation.

“I still don’t know how I’m going to deal with all this”, he commented. Totally understandable: how can one know how to feel when all these people are waiting for you at the airport?!

Obrigado, Portugal, Portugueses! ????

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The homecoming was, just like the whole of his journey, a family affair. Salvador arrived at the airport with his sister Luísa, who composed “Amar pelos dois”. She couldn’t help but crying at the airport, and later, she shared this emotive message on Facebook:

I couldn’t control myself and I cried like a baby when I saw this sea of people. It feels so good to see that art also moves people this way. I’m very thankful to all those who came to receive us, all those who gave us support, to our musician friends who sent us very beautiful messages and to RTP for having always defended our song with tooth and nail. Now I will be able to tell my son someday: “Did you know that me and your uncle once won Eurovision?”

Emotions were running high in Lisbon after their first victory ever. The team of wiwibloggers were also feeling the emotions in Kyiv last night, especially our Portuguese correspondent, Bernardo. We filmed the reaction — check it out here!

Both Salvador and Luísa talked to the press after their arrival in Lisbon. They mentioned their victories in the Marcel Bezençon Awards. The Sobral siblings received the Artistic Award and the Composer Award, and for Luísa, those were “even more important than the Eurovision trophy”.

Speaking of the trophy, now that they won, the crystal microphone will stay at their parents home, just like Luísa told us after the second rehearsal:

Salvador’s victory will take us to Portugal for the first time in history. Were you in Lisbon greeting Salvador? Do you agree with the final result? Are you planning to go to Lisbon? How has PED hit this year? Tell us in the comment section below!