Eurovision 2017 stars dominate iTunes charts…as Salvador Sobral hits #1 in 15 markets


Eurovison detractors love to say the contest’s songs are disposable tosh unworthy of the radio. Well the iTunes charts suggest otherwise. This year’s artists — led by winner Salvador Sobral — are currently climbing the iTunes charts all over the world, proving that there is an appetite for Eurovision music at home and abroad. Below is a list of all the songs charting in the Top 10 of iTunes as of Monday at 13:30 GMT.

Portugal’s Salvador leads the way, having topped the iTunes charts in 15 markets: Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Finland, Norway, Cape Verde, Portugal, Sweden, Kyrgyzstan, Spain, Lithuania, Switzerland, Ukraine and Mozambique.

“Amar pelos dois” is also #2 in Belgium, Romania, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark, Estonia, France and Germany; #3 in Belarus; #4 in Hungary; #5 in Moldova; #7 in Azerbaijan; #9 in Macau; and #10 in Israel.

Belgium’s Blanche is also lighting up the charts with “City Lights”.

She’s currently #1 in Belgium and Estonia; #2 in Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Greece, and Sweden; #3 in Austria and Poland; #4 in Norway, Armenia, Lithuania; #5 in Germany, Finland and Switzerland; #7 in Portugal; #8 in Spain; #9 in Ukraine and Hungary; and #10 in Denmark.

Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov, who finished second at Eurovision, is topping the market at home. He’s also #3 in Slovenia; #6 in Sweden; #8 in Romania; #9 in Greece; and #10 in Norway and Portugal.

Moldova’s Sunstroke Project, who shocked many by achieving third place at Eurovision, are #4 in Sweden, #5 in Belgium, #6 in Moldova, #7 in Luxembourg, and #8 in Germany and Austria.

Pre-contest favourite Francesco Gabbani from Italy sits at #5 in Italy, #6 in Spain and #10 in Sweden.

Sweden’s Robin Bengtsson, who was the most streamed Eurovision artist on Spotify ahead of the contest, has reached #3 in Estonia, #5 in Sweden and #7 in Ukraine.

Other artists cracking the iTunes Top 10 charts are: Hungary’s Joci Papai (#2 at home); Norway’s JOWST (#2 in Norway, #7 in Lithuania, and #10 in Ukraine and Hungary); Romania’s Ilinca & Alex Florea (#6 in Norway); Austria’s Nathan Trent (#7 in Austria); The Netherlands’ O’G3NE (#3 at home); France’s Alma (#5 in France and Armenia); and Ireland’s Brendan Murray (#1 in Armenia and #5 in Slovenia).

Special shout-out to the United Kingdom’s Lucie Jones who has reached #14 in the notoriously difficult UK market.

Which songs are you surprised to see on the charts? And which songs are you hoping will climb in the days ahead? Let us know in the comments box below.

Photo at top: Andres Putting ( / EBU)

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