Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2017: Vote now in the finals

Thirty-nine men arrived at Eurovision 2017, but only one emerged as the winner. Now that the song contest is over, the contestants’ attention shifts to how best to capitalise on their new-found fame. And we’re here to help. The final of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2017 begins now.

On April 25 this year’s male stars entered the House of Wiwi, each hoping to prove they have the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to succeed as an international superstar after the Eurovision glory fades. But, following a brutal semi-final elimination, only 14 remain in the running to win Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model — the premier online modelling contest for the men competing at Eurovision. Their fate rests in your hands.

Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2017: Semi-Final results

Below you can flip through all of their modelling portfolios. Out of respect for the men who competed but didn’t make the final, we are leaving their images in the gallery. It also offers useful comparisons as you make your decisions.

Beauty, of course, is not just skin deep. So we’ve also embedded our Eurovision 2017 interview playlist and red carpet playlist, so you can get a well-rounded sense of each man’s poise and personality.

We will close this poll on June 6. You’ve got plenty of time to review each contestant before submitting your votes.

And yes: We are launching this poll very late this year. Things got busy in Kyiv, but we’re pleased we can still celebrate the gents of Eurovision!

Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model: Portfolios

Eurovision 2017: Interview playlist

Eurovision 2017: Red carpet playlist

Poll: Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2017

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