Eurovision 2017: Semi-Final 1 results show jury and televote disagreed most on Australia and Belgium


The dust has settled on Eurovision 2017 — but the analysis of the voting results is only just beginning. The juries — they who supposedly have the best sense of what makes a hit — rated down a number of songs that have gone on to chart globally on Spotify. Perhaps the best example comes from Belgium’s Blanche in Semi-Final 1.

On Thursday the “City Lights” singer saw her song charting on Spotify in 17 different countries. She was also #3 on the Spotify Global Viral chart.

Yet it seems that plenty of jurors in Semi-Final 1 struggled to smell a hit, as they penalised her more than any other artist in the semi-final when we compare televote and jury vote. There was a whopping 85 point difference between the two, with the public handing her 125 points to the jury’s 40.

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In terms of ordinal rankings, the public ranked Blanche #3, while the jurors put her way down at #13. Yes, they did not want her to advance to the final, ranking her behind Australia, Czech Republic and Georgia — none of which the public placed in the Top 10.

Blanche was visibly nervous during the semi. It seems the juries viewed this as a weakness, while televoters (rightly) saw her vulnerability as fitting with the song’s sound and themes.

Interestingly, the same juries ranked her significantly higher in the final, owing to a stronger performance (but we’ll discuss that in a separate post soon).

In terms of points difference, Moldova was the nation the juries hurt the second most, giving it a score 69 points lower than the public. The jury also had large discrepancies with the public over Cyprus, which it marked 42 points lower.

In terms of rank ordinals, the jury hurt Belgium the most (-10 spots), followed by Poland and Montenegro (both -5), Cyprus (-4) and Moldova, Finland, Albania, and Latvia (all -2).

Semi-Final 1: Split results by points

SF1   Jury Televote Difference
Belgium 40 125 -85
Moldova 111 180 -69
Cyprus 61 103 -42
Portugal 173 197 -24
Montenegro 17 39 -22
Poland 50 69 -19
Latvia 1 20 -19
Finland 41 51 -10
Slovenia 16 20 -4
Iceland 29 31 -2
Albania 38 38 0
Greece 61 54 7
Sweden 124 103 21
Armenia 87 65 22
Azerbaijan 87 63 24
Georgia 62 37 25
Czech Republic 81 2 79
Australia 139 21 118

Semi-Final 1: Split results by ranking

SF1 Televote Jury Difference
Belgium 3 13 -10
Poland 6 11 -5
Montenegro 11 16 -5
Cyprus 5 9 -4
Moldova 2 4 -2
Finland 10 12 -2
Albania 12 14 -2
Latvia 16 18 -2
Greece 9 10 -1
Iceland 14 15 -1
Portugal 1 1 0
Slovenia 17 17 0
Sweden 4 3 1
Armenia 7 5 2
Azerbaijan 8 6 2
Georgia 13 8 5
Czech Republic 18 7 11
Australia 15 2 13

In terms of who the jury helped the most, Australia’s Isaiah takes the cake.

The jury awarded him 139 points, which was a whopping 118 more points than the public (21 points). This is the largest discrepancy (positive or negative) in the semi-final.

The same holds true for rank ordinals, with the jury ranking him second — 13 places higher than the public, who put him way down in 15th.

The public may have been more affected by Australia’s early draw in the running order than the jurors, who seem to respect quality songs regardless of their placing.

However, given how large the discrepancy is, it’s hard not to think that Australia benefitted from the Australia factor, which sees jurors in awe of the finely polished, expensive production (which some televoters may find sterile).

The jurors also gave a huge leg up to Czech Republic’s Martina Barta.

While the public only handed her two points, the juries gave her 81, making for a 79-point disparity.

In terms of ordinals, the juries would have put her through in seventh position. But the public really wasn’t feeling it. They ranked “My Turn” as their least favourite in 18th position.

Eurovision 2017: Semi-Final 1 jury-televote split (Reaction)

We should note that the jury watches and evaluates a different show from televoters.

The jury final took place on Monday evening — the night before the live semi-final on Tuesday evening.

We were watching the jury show inside the International Exhibition Centre on the night. You can watch our thoughts on it below.

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