OG3NE dismiss BLØF’s accusation they chose Eurovision 2017 song for “better royalty value”


There was no Calm After The Storm for the Dutch trio OG3NE following Eurovision 2017, as members of the Dutch band BLØF have criticised them for choosing “Lights and Shadows” over a song written by one of their members. 

In January, OG3NE — which consists of the sisters Aimee, Lisa and Shelley Vol — made the decision to compete with “Lights and Shadows”, a song dedicated to their terminally-ill mother and written by their father and one of the girl’s boyfriends.

Although the song was a real family production, they staged a songwriting camp prior to making their decision. The camp included several nationally and internationally renowned songwriters, as well as OG3NE’s father Rick Vol.

One of the songwriters who was asked to write a a song for the trio was Paskal Jakobsen, who is the lead singer and guitarist of the famous Dutch band BLØF. He criticised their song choice in a recent interview with AD:

“On their request, I had written a song for OG3NE this year, together with an English songwriter. That one was not chosen in the end, although I still find it better than the song they chose for participating at Eurovision. It was written by their father, I understood. I am wondering why they asked all those composers to write a song in the end? Apparently they knew beforehand what it should be like.”

Band member Peter Slager added:

“Maybe I’m not allowed to say it, but choosing such a song adds some royalty value to the family.”

And today O’G3NE clapped back at the criticism, making it clear that BLØF’s contribution simply wasn’t good enough.

“You mean the attempt that didn’t even get through the first round of the selection process by unanimous voting? Sadly, it’s just all BLØF. #Ouch”

Their father Rick isn’t amused either — and he let the world know on his personal Instagram profile.

Responding to Jakobsen’s accusation that the song had been decided on beforehand, he said:

“…After reading the interview, I understood my daughters very well [for reacting that way], but personally I’m very angry. Whatever musicians/composers think of my song, everybody knows that my wife and her suffering were the inspiration for “Lights and Shadows”. It came from deep inside our hearts and it couldn’t come from deeper. A lot of people in the Netherlands embraced the song and stood behind OG3NE. How amazing was that. It should have been an indication for the men of BLØF. But compassion and empathy has turned into arrogance. It is debatable if there were another song that was better than mine, but that the royalty value was important to us is the most scandalous statement in the article.”

Verbijstering… .. hier in Maastricht, waar ik mijn vrouw bijsta tijdens slopende bestralingen, ontving ik 't bericht dat de meiden op twitter een reactie hadden gegeven op uitspraken van Bløf. De solide band afkomstig van dezelfde Zeeuwse bodem als mijn geboorteplaats Goes. Na het stuk te hebben gelezen begrijp ik mijn dochters niet alleen maar al te goed, maar ben ik persoonlijk woest. Whatever publiek of muzikanten/schrijvers van mijn liedje vindt, iedereen weet dat mijn vrouw en haar lijden de inspiratiebron van 'Lights And Shadows' is. Dieper vanuit ons hart kon dit liedje dus niet komen. Veel mensen uit Nederland hebben 't liedje omarmt en zijn achter OG3NE gaan staan. Hoe geweldig was dat. Dat zou indicatie genoeg moeten zijn voor de heren van Bløf. Maar mededogen en inlevingsvermogen heeft plaatsgemaakt voor zelfingenomenheid. Twistbaar blijft het of andere liedjes beter waren dan die van mij, maar dat 't ons om royalties te doen zou zijn is de meest schandalige uitspraak uit het hele stuk.

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BLØF attempted to represent the Netherlands at Eurovision in 1998, but later withdrew from consideration.

They said that Eurovision participation is very unlikely.

“Haha. No. Impossible. You can’t play live music there…I think we shouldn’t do it. But something has changed. If you had asked me six years ago, I would have shouted ‘no!’ But after Anouk and the Common Linnets, I would think about it. It can be good for your career.”

BLØF’s guitarist Bas Kennis co-wrote Adil Aarab’s song “In Our Nature”, which was one of the five tracks in the Belgian national selection in 2016. It placed third in both the televoting and with international juries, though far behind the top 2 entries from Tom Frantzis and Laura Tesoro.

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