Listen: Twin Twin goes punk on new single “Soundsystem”


Three years ago, they brought their “Moustache” to Copenhagen — and gave France its lowest Eurovision result ever. But French band Twin Twin didn’t let that get them down. After going on an international journey of discovery the trio has released their new single, “Soundsystem”.

While it’s the first new song they’ve released since their Eurovision 2014 entry, “Soundsystem” is anything but a follow-up single. The song marks a new phase in their music evolution: Twin Twin has gone punk.

“Soundsystem” has ditched some of the slicker electropop sounds that could be heard on “Moustache” and the band’s debut album Vive la vie. Instead crunchy punk guitar takes over, but Twin Twin’s sense of rhythm is as strong as ever, as well as their energy, attitude and swag.

While the verses of the song are in French, the song has a shoutalong English chorus that insists, “The only good system is a soundsystem!” The listener is also invited to “Bump that rump!”

Twin Twin documented the making of their new music through a series of short videos on their YouTube channel. The trio relocated to New York City, where they were exposed to new sounds, met new people, and had many serendipitous meetings on the subway. The end result was “Soundsystem” — and the clips promise a music video shot accidentally in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Twin Twin represented France at Eurovision 2014 after winning the national final held as part of the music show Les chansons d’abord. Their lively song “Moustache” earned many fans, with its combination of danceability, social commentary, and facial hair.

However, the group had less success at Eurovision. The combination of rap, non-English lyrics and dizzying staging did not inspire viewers to vote. The song finished in last place with only two points — France’s worst ever Eurovision result.

But as the group has shown with their new release, a poor Eurovision result isn’t the end of the road. Twin Twin have kept on doing what they love and remain true to their creative identity.