Cello meets gospel: Ana Rucner teams up with the Sisters of Charity for “I Will Follow Him”


Last year she performed as part of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s dramatic and glamorous Eurovision entry in Stockholm. But this year cellist Ana Rucner is going in a very different direction. She’s collaborated with an order of nuns, on a cover of the Sister Act song “I Will Follow Him”.

Since making an appearance representing Bosnia and Herzegovina at Eurovision 2016 along with Deen, Dalal and Jala, Ana Rucner has been on the go. From making concert appearances in countries such as Azerbaijan, Germany and Hong Kong, this Eurovision alum has been clocking miles with her cello. Last summer, she invited wiwibloggs onboard a 27 million euro yacht for the video shoot of “Maximus”, a collaboration with British pianist Oliver Poole.

Ana has now reinvented herself. The Croatian beauty discovered a sacred spot on the Croatian island of Pag. This scenic location, which has over 80,000 olive trees, provided the natural backdrop for this musical collaboration with the nuns of Vinko Paulski, also known as the Sisters of Charity.

“I Will Follow Him” — a 1960s classic made popular by the musical comedy Sister Act — was chosen to convey the emotions drawn from the collaboration and the location. The beauty of Croatia’s landscape is the main visual driver here. Mountains dotted along the Adriatic coastline, lush green olive trees and an angelic Ana Rucner in a white gown form the backdrop for this musical cover.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Ana explains her motivation for getting involved.

Religion is very important for me, as I was raised as Catholic. The Sisters of Charity, who I collaborate with aren’t just performers, they’re real nuns! They’re also my friends. Friends who are always so peaceful, and happy whilst remaining committed to their faith mission.

I usually spend my summer holidays on the island of Pag. This beautiful location is really special to me. I deeply admire these olives trees, many of which have been standing for nearly 2000 years. I am so happy we managed to connect faith and unconditional love through music. Throughout the shoot, we all felt a lot of positive energy. Much of this was captured by a team that included Vogue fashion photographer Jakov Baricic, and acclaimed video director Darko Drinovac.

Do you feel the positive energy in the video? Does it rekindle your love for Sister Act? Let us know in the comments section below!