Eurovision 2017 reaction video: American woman watches all 42 songs in front of our camera


Sometimes those of us inside the Eurovision bubble get a little lost in our own obsessions. We listen to the competing songs hundreds of times before rehearsals even start at the actual contest, and our opinions can become so engrained that we forget thatmost viewers only see and hear the songs once.

So it’s always interesting to take a step back and show the performances to someone from outside the bubble. Even better: Show them to someone from another continent with little-to-no context or stereotypes about the majority of competing countries.

Cue my sister Suzanne, who, during her recent visit to London, kindly sat down in front of the wiwibloggs’ cameras and watched all 42 Eurovision 2017 songs. It’s a tough gig, but somebody has to do it.

In the video above she gives her candid and uncensored take on this year’s contestants. While she shares Europe’s love for a lot of acts (think Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy), some of her opinions may surprise (or startle) you. Sorry guys: She’s just not into Estonia.

She means no offence. She’s just sounding off and shooting from the hip. You may want to slip into your bullet-proof vest if you’re easily offended.

Among other things, she can’t wrap her head around Svala’s outfit; she questions whether she’ll let Hovig “be her gravity”; she compares one singer to Celine Dion; and she’s insistent another is considering a sex change. She also fears that one contestant is vomiting; requests a unicorn from two of the performers; and thinks a certain Lithuanian has anger issues.

Just so you know: She had previously seen the countries that finished in the Top 7 (that video is above).

That means her reactions to Portugal, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belgium, Sweden, Italy and Romania are actually second reactions.

In a third video we had Suzanne react to Russia’s banned contestant Julia Samoylova, which you can watch here.

In any case, what songs did your friends and family have funny reactions to? Have any of your friends helped you change your perspective on any of the entries? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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