France 2 opens entries for 2018 — and confirms French national final


It’s the Big Five nation that turned around its run of bad luck and regularly brings home good results. Now France‘s broadcaster France 2 has opened submissions for its entry in Eurovision 2o18. But things are different this time: France will be returning to a national final.

While the broadcaster hasn’t released specific details of the national final, they have confirmed a contest format will be used to select France’s song for Eurovision 2018. The show will be produced by ITV Studios France, the French outpost of the major UK television production house.

The contest is open to all, potentially giving undiscovered French singers the chance to be the next Amir or Alma. There’s also the possibility that established French artists will also enter.

As well as the usual requirements for a Eurovision entry, there are some specific rules for the French song search. The song cannot have more than four songwriters behind it, and the lyrics must be at least 70% French. Both of France’s two most recent Eurovision entries have been bilingual, using English lyrics in the chorus to connect with non-French-speaking viewers.

Internal selection vs national final

Over the years, France has used both internal selection and various national finals to select its acts for Eurovision. However, in the past decade France has only used a national final once.

That was in 2014, when the act was selected as part of the music performance show Les chansons d’abord, hosted by France’s 2001 singer Natasha St-Pier.

Even though Twin Twin won the vote with their jaunty song “Moustache”, that didn’t translate to success in Copenhagen. They placed last, with only two points — France’s worst ever Eurovision result.

France’s internal selection has produced mixed results. In 2012, 2013 and 2015, the French entry regularly placed down the bottom end of the scoreboard. However, from 2016 — thanks to an enthusiastic and focused new Head of Delegation — France got their Eurovision groove back.

Amir’s 2016 entry “J’ai cherché” was a hot favourite in Stockholm, and ended up in 6th place with a very impressive 257 points. For Kyiv, Alma’s “Requiem” also had a good result, finishing in 12th place with 135 points.

What do you think? Will the French national final choose a good entry for Eurovision 2018? Or should they stick with internal selection? Share your thoughts below!