WATCH: Latvia’s Aminata gets trippy in “Your Arms” music video


She’s the singer-songwriter who brought Latvia’s six year non-qualification streak to an end in spectacular fashion at Eurovision 2015. Now, after an all-too-brief stint on the Russian Voice, Aminata Savadogo is focusing on her recording career once more.

Back in May, she dropped the music video for “Your Arms”, the third single to be taken from her 2016 album Red Moon.

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Carved out of the same EDM mould as the LP’s title track, “Your Arms” marks a natural evolution for the avant-garde songstress. Just as day follows night, Aminata transitions from dark foreboding sounds to trippy retro beats.

Her on/off lover might be causing her nothing but headaches, “you’re the problem, the reason I cannot sleep at night”. Yet Ms. Savadogo doesn’t seem overly troubled as she coos about the passion within, “I’m on fire
from your a-a-arms, a-a-my desire”.

But while Aminata is undoubtedly the mistress of ethereal darkness, the lighter tone doesn’t quite work. With the shade banished, there’s no grand dramatic “Love Injected” style moment. Instead, one would inspect an almighty earworm of a hook, alas we never get one. Which is all fine for an album track, but for a single we want more.

The accompanying music video is even more laid back again. We see Aminata reclining inside a greenhouse, sporting a bold orange dress, an oversized denim jacket and white trainers. She spends much of the clip fidgeting with an old-school yellow phone, presumably waiting for her bae to call.

Of course, this wouldn’t be an Aminata production without some experimental splashes. And sure enough, there are moments where she’s literally covered by the arms of several backing dancers — all while wearing a barely there lace ensemble.

Aminata “Your Arms” (Official Music Video)

Aminata Interview London 2016

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