Running on “Aire” — Nathan Trent releases Spanish-language version of Eurovision 2017 track


On June 20 he released “Fino A Che Volerò” — the Italian-language version of his Eurovision 2017 song “Running on Air”.

And on Friday morning Austria’s Nathan Trent said  to another take on the catchy track, this time releasing it in Spanish.

“‘Aire’ is finally out!” Nathan wrote on Instagram this morning. “I hope you like it!”

We do, darling, we do!

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“Aire” — no translation needed — takes the delightful tune well and truly into summer, adding tropical beats and a breezy, beach-time sound.

The translation is smooth and on-point, fitting with the rhythm and giving the song a somewhat sensual undertone. The theme of perseverance remains central, but we’re too lost in the lovely sound to ponder that idea too much.

“Verás,” he sings. “Si me tratas de hundir me alzaré, Verás, si las aguas son muy bravas yo nadaré, yo sé que en las buenas y que en las malas yo correré, correré en el aire.”

Of all the versions of the track, this is the brightest and most spirited — and one definitely worth a download. So put on your sunglasses, pour the coconut water and take in that Ibiza spirit!

Nathan, a master of the tongue who speaks five languages, consistently wowed us with his English skills throughout the Eurovision season.

So with the release of today’s track we just had to ask him to rank his skills with his various languages.

“Well I’m half Italian (I learned it parallel to German), so I’d say my German and Italian are the strongest,” he tells us. “Then English, then Spanish — I learned it at school and I have some Spanish-speaking friends — and then French.

So that’s:

  1. German and Italian
  2. English
  3. Spanish
  4. French

What do you think of Nathan’s latest version of “Running on Air”? Which is your favourite? And what language do you want to hear Nathan sing in next? Let us — and Nathan — know in the comments box below.

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