Together again: Conchita Wurst, Ruth Lorenzo and Suzy reunite at World Pride 2017


They branded themselves the Kardashians of Eurovision back in 2014. And on Saturday night Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Conchita Wurst, Ruth Lorenzo, and Suzy Guerra were reunited on stage in Madrid.

The trio jetted into the Spanish capital for World Pride 2017, and joined a slew of other musical stars on the EuroPride Gala bill. But despite their history, few expected them to perform together. For while the Spice Girls sing that “friendship never ends”, many Eurovision bonds are over long before the last 12 points roll in.

However, hopes of a reunion began to grow on Saturday afternoon when Ruth Lorenzo tweeted a picture of the three at the London Eurovision Party 2014 captioned:

“I think it might be time for a reunion on stage… @ConchitaWurst @suzy_singer #Eurovision2014 #memories #TheKardashians #WorldPride”

And sure enough, dreams became a reality later that night.

After a set which included “Rise Like A Phoenix”, “Firestorm” and Cher’s “Believe”, Conchita invited Suzy and Ruth to join her on stage. And it wasn’t long before the threesome launched into a rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”.

The performance may have been haphazard — they didn’t rehearse beforehand and at one point forget who’s supposed to be singing — but the divas’ energy is infectious. They truly are squad goals.

Conchita Wurst, Ruth Lorenzo, and Suzy at World Pride 2017, Madrid

Since Eurovision 2014, each singer has enjoyed varying degrees of success.

She may have just missed out on the final, but Suzy gave Portugal one of its better results this decade. After the contest she’s become prolific on the Eurovision fan circuit. In recent months, she auditioned for the Spanish Voice and progressed to the official casting round, before withdrawing for personal reasons.

Meanwhile, Ruth Lorenzo has carved out a successful pop career following her top ten finish for Spain. “Dancing In The Rain”, “Gigantes” and “99” all charted in the Spanish top ten, while 2016’s “Voces” gave her her first number one.

Of course, Conchita Wurst went on to win the whole contest for Austria and immediately became an international LGBT icon. In the years following, she’s co-hosted the event on home soil, attended the Golden Globes and released numerous hit singles.

What do you think of the “Kardashian” reunion? Does it give you life? Let us know in the comments below.

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