In it to win it: DR reveals big changes for Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018


They’re laying down their armour — and going on the offensive! The past three years have not been a bed of roses for Denmark with two missed finals in a row, followed by Anja Nissen ranking on the right side of the scoreboard in 2017. But Denmark is more than ready to stop its string of failures.

Today, Danish broadcaster DR revealed that they will be making a series of significant changes to the future set-up of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

DR’s Head of Entertainment, Jan Lagermand Lundme, spoke to DR’s Grand Prix blog about their plans.

“We want to upgrade Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Because even though there is still a long time until the show, it is right now we are laying the groundwork for what is to happen in 2018”.

That involves some serious changes. First of all, DR have announced it’s now possible for anyone to submit a song all year round. It’s a successful formula already used at Sweden’s Melodifestivalen. Previously, songs could only enter DMGP over two months during the summer.

The new rule means that any song submitted before 15 September will be part of the selection process for the upcoming Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Songs submitted after this date will be in the following year’s pool of potential DMGP songs.

The teams selecting the DMGP finalists has been changed too. DR has chosen to part ways with Cutfather and Jonas Schrøder, replacing them with Mads Enggaard, who will take on the position of DMGP Contributions Producer.

Jan Lagermand Lundme explains: “It is an expression of us trying to do things in another way. We have been super fond of Jonas and Cutfather who have done a huge amount of work. It is completely undramatic that we are now trying something new.”

Mads certainly has the qualifications for the role. He’s been the Viewing Room Producer at Eurovision for the last four years, and has experience with hundreds of Eurovision songs.

Speaking about his role and the vision for the upcoming DMGP songs, Mads says:

“I think there is a lot to be gained by looking at the contributions as whole products. We should not pick songs first, then find artists and then, in the end, add a trampoline. We have to think the entire process through and look at the whole package from the start. You have to show that you have been thinking about what kind of sound image the song is delivered with and that it is something which can be applicable for Eurovision where the standard is constantly getting higher.”

It’s obvious that DR is ready to do what it takes to get back on track and deliver a new top result in Eurovision. With a new front figure, armed with an impressive Eurovision CV, it’s all looking very promising.

What do you think about Denmark’s changes? Do you think that DMGP needs to be revamped? Let us know in the comments box below.

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