France’s Alma is Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2017


When the team from wiwibloggs launched the search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2017, we knew we were in for something special. The 28 women who entered the competition on March 29 brought more beauty than the ladies of the Miss Venezuela beauty pageant, and worked more looks than a model at Milan Fashion Week. Some were daring. The Czech Republic’s Martina Barta wore a gold lamé spacesuit on stage and looked like a high fashion pest controller. Latvia’s Agnese of Triana Park resembled an edgy harajuku girl masquerading as a caged animal. And Switzerland’s Miruna of Timebelle served a thigh-high split in Big Bird yellow. Each of them remembered their camera angles—and how much they wanted to win ENTM, the premier online modelling contest for the women competing at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2017: France’s Alma

In the end one woman proved that she, more than anyone else, has what it takes to succeed as an international superstar after the Eurovision glory fades. After counting 21,643 votes during the semi-finals and 11,788 more votes in the final, we are pleased to announce that France’s Alma is Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2017.

Below we celebrate Alma’s achievement. But she is not the only woman we’re honouring today. Armenia’s Artsvik and Romania’s Ilinca, our first and second runner-up, will join Alma in the Top Model Hall of Fame. They join a storied list of women who have gone on to grace magazine covers, star in movies, and front major international beauty campaigns. For these ladies things just got real.

Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2017: Final Results

  1. France’s Alma 17.33% (2,043 votes)
  2. Armenia’s Artsvik 15.75% (1,857 votes)
  3. Romania’s Ilinca 10.95% (1,291 votes)
  4. Greece’s Demy 8.02% (945 votes)
  5. Poland’s Kasia Mos 6.91% (815 votes)
  6. The United Kingdom’s Lucie Jones 6.06% (714 votes)
  7. Switzerland’s Miruna 5.26% (620 votes)
  8. The Netherlands’ O’G3NE 5.12% (604 votes)
  9. Denmark’s Anja Nissen 5% (589 votes)
  10. Albania’s Lindita 4.53% (534 votes)
  11. Macedonia’s Jana Burceska 4.53% (534 votes)
  12. Belarus’ Ksenia Zhuk 3.94% (464 votes)
  13. Belgium’s Blanche 2.83% (334 votes)
  14. Georgia’s Tamara Gachechiladze 2.05% (242 votes)
  15. Serbia’s Tijana Bogicevic 1.71% (202 votes)

Total Votes: 11,788

Alma at Eurovision 2017

From the moment France Televisions revealed Alma as its star, the team from wiwibloggs were smitten. It was clear she was a diva — but one without a diva attitude — and a new princess of the people.

“I’m deeply honored to have been selected to represent my country, France, for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest,” Alma said at the time. “I strongly hope to count on the public’s love and support and to deliver the best performance possible.”

As we oooed and awwed over her official music video, anticipation built to meet the Lyon-born beauty in person. And when we finally did we were not disappointed.

Despite the balmy London weather, she remained cool and collected, showing off her Portuguese-language skills and revealing the deep message behind her Eurovision song “Requiem”.

“My song is really about enjoying every second that you have, ’cause we’re all mortal, life passes by really fast, and I think what’s saved me through the dark moments that I’ve been through was love, and my boyfriend, and my family and friends.”

“This is how I live my life. I love people so much that I’m happy.”

We were feeling her and her song.

“Intoxicating from the first note until the last, ‘Requiem’ is high art with a pop sensibility,” we wrote ahead of the contest. “Alma’s breathy vocals ooze sweetness and light, yet have a sexy edge that sets tongues wagging. The philosophical lyrics accept that life is fleeting, but recognise that love and its memory live on — encouraging us to make the most of the time we share: ‘Tonight I’m finally not afraid, I know that I will still love you when the world is turning no more.’ And we, Alma, will still love you and your song.”

At Eurovision Alma consistently worked the cameras, both on the stage and off.

In fact, our readers awarded her “Best Red Carpet Look” for her sultry turn ahead of the Eurovision 2017 Opening Ceremony.

Clad in a waist-revealing Elisabeta Franchi gown, the Lyon-born stunner turned heads and wowed media and fans alike. The designer dress from Italy seemed tailor-made for Alma’s statuesque figure, showing off her delicate shoulders while keeping her ample assets firmly under wraps.

She told us that she chose an Italian gown instead of a French one in order to celebrate diversity, as per this year’s slogan. The black, sequinned top was joined with the skirt via a gold buckle at the waist, which drew attention to the singer’s gym-honed abs.

Despite being a fan favourite and placing in the Top 10 with the European public, Alma placed just 19th with the juries. We’re still annoyed by that. But we know this lovely lady is going to have the last laugh.

In fact, she’s already laughing. Her album Ma peau aime dropped after Eurovision and it’s beautifully crafted, full of enchanting surprises and is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Ma peau aime, which means “My skin loves”, is also a play on “Ma poème” (My poem), and Alma’s studio album really reads like a love poem. Just like “Requiem” it’s both bright and dark at the same time, the true expression of a woman and an artist.

Are you thrilled to see Alma come out on top of our poll? Is she the rightful winner of Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2017? And where do you see her in five years? Let us know in the comments box below!

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