Poll results: Italy had the best postcard of Eurovision 2017


The results are in! After counting 5,326 votes in our poll, we can now reveal that our readers have awarded Italy the prize for best postcard of Eurovision 2017. With almost 10% of the ballot, Francesco Gabbani, his five alter egos and his gorilla surpassed Portugal’s Salvador Sobral and Poland’s Kasia Mos to book first place in your hearts. Namaste, alé! 

First place: Italy

Italy had arguably the most original idea for the Eurovision postcard. In it, Francesco Gabbani played no fewer than five characters — six, if we include the intro and the outro — and he really kept us guessing. In what looked like a sports bar, he was at once the bartender, the waiter, the chef and two sports fans. In the end, they all looked on in disbelief as Francesco the singer welcomed the gorilla backstage, planting a rainbow bowtie on him.

While most artists chose to showcase a day in their life in a classic manner, Francesco took things further and revealed five aspects of his personality with five identical characters, all bearing the singer’s trademark goofy smile. Viewers were won over and our readers chose Italy’s postcard as the best of Eurovision 2017 with 497 votes.

Second place: Portugal

In his postcard, Portugal’s Salvador Sobral offered a rare insight into his life.

The elusive singer is seen wandering through picturesque Lisbon, perusing through a huge library, taking a tram to his studio, recording a song and laughing with his sister and friends. Portugal’s postcard placed second in your hearts, with 399 votes.

Third place: Poland

Poland, who had the best postcard last year, comes third in 2017.

Kasia Mos is seen taking stray dogs for a walk in the forest, going to rehearsals, and happily jumping in a puddle. After showcasing three sides of her personality — the animal rights activist, the artist and the child at heart — the singer got 345 of your votes.

Full results: Who had the best postcard of Eurovision 2017?

Italy 9.33% (497 votes)
Portugal 7.49% (399 votes)
Poland 6.48% (345 votes)
FYR Macedonia 4.99% (266 votes)
France 4.64% (247 votes)
Bulgaria 4.43% (236 votes)
Belgium 3.6% (192 votes)
Romania 3.27% (174 votes)
United Kingdom 3.17% (169 votes)
Greece 3.1% (165 votes)
Armenia 3.08% (164 votes)
Netherlands 3% (160 votes)
Austria 2.59% (138 votes)
Switzerland 2.42% (129 votes)
Israel 2.31% (123 votes)
Finland 2.18% (116 votes)
Belarus 2.12% (113 votes)
Azerbaijan 1.99% (106 votes)
Sweden 1.86% (99 votes)
Croatia 1.75% (93 votes)
Estonia 1.73% (92 votes)
Iceland 1.69% (90 votes)
Norway 1.58% (84 votes)
Denmark 1.56% (83 votes)
Ireland 1.56% (83 votes)
Australia 1.52% (81 votes)
Albania 1.48% (79 votes)
Latvia 1.46% (78 votes)
Moldova 1.45% (77 votes)
Hungary 1.33% (71 votes)
Germany 1.15% (61 votes)
Malta 1.13% (60 votes)
Serbia 1.13% (60 votes)
Cyprus 1.11% (59 votes)
Czech Republic 1.09% (58 votes)
Georgia 0.86% (46 votes)
San Marino 0.86% (46 votes)
Montenegro 0.83% (44 votes)
Spain 0.83% (44 votes)
Ukraine 0.77% (41 votes)
Slovenia 0.56% (30 votes)
Lithuania 0.52% (28 votes)

Total Votes: 5,326

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