Serving “Body”! Loreen drops lead single from second album Nude


Last November, just moments after SVT revealed her as a Melodifestivalen 2017 competitor, she told wiwibloggs that a new album was in the pipeline.

And on Friday Swedish pop star Loreen gave us a taste of what’s to come by releasing “Body”, the lead single from her forthcoming album Nude (out August 25).

“The wait is over,” she wrote in an Instagram post shared with her 87,000 followers. “Today I released ‘Body’ — part one of my #NUDE project, a project just for you all.”

Magical, mystical, hypnotic — the number stays true to Loreen’s other-worldly sound, which is at once electronic and somehow spiritual.

Beginning with electro percussion, Loreen draws you into a trance with her breathy vocals that move from deep and mellow to piercing and soaring.

The song describes the magnetism she feels with a special someone, whose body speaks a language she most definitely understands.

“Alright, alright, once again side by side,” she sings to her lover. “So deep we touch the floor tonight, it’s written on your, it’s written on your, it’s written on your body…”

A quick scan of social media reveals largely positive reviews for the song.

“I love it,” one Facebook user named Andrew wrote on Loreen’s official page. “Thundering trip hop beats and a hypnotic Middle Eastern fusion.”

But another user, Antti, was left wanting. “Sounds equal to any other mass music song today. Why blend in when you have talent to do something different and unique?”

Loreen, who returned to Melodifestivalen 2017 with “Statements”, is accustomed to dividing attention. Some heralded her most recent Melfest act as performance art while others wrote it off as self-indulgent tosh or a total mess.

But for Loreen, who spoke with wiwibloggs just days after being relegated to Andra Chansen, that song, as with her music more generally, was about sharing a message.

“I have been told that people will never understand this,” she said.

“I was, like, why do you have such a low opinion of people, like they’re stupid? I don’t think they’re stupid, I think they’re effing smart. I’m out there playing at my shows and I can tell. I’m one of them. It’s just a question of knowing what to do.”

“We have this situation with the establishment and everyone is afraid. We wonder if anyone here is strong enough to give us some hope. So I think that if you have the guts and an opportunity, why not use it especially now to spread hope and power?”

She also told us about her forthcoming album Nude.

“The sound on this album is going to be a bit different. It became that somehow. It’s very Woodstock inspired, very low-fi. Why? Because of the whole situation in the world.

“It will be a completely new chapter, with a very specific focus on the human, the human values, what I feel is important today. I didn’t plan it to be this way, it became that.”

What do you think about “Body”? Are you excited about her new album Nude? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! 


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