“Hey Mamma” is now the most popular grand final video on YouTube


Back in May, “Amar Pelos Dois” gave Portugal its first ever Eurovision win, while Moldova’s “Hey Mamma” finished in a very respectable third place. But two months later, it’s the SunStroke Project’s party tune that’s the YouTube hit. The grand final performance of “Hey Mamma” now has more views than “Amar Pelos Dois”.

Since Salvador Sobral’s victory in May, the video of his grand final performance has been the most popular of all the 2017 grand final videos. It’s held a comfortable lead, and fans have revisited the simple yet touching performance.

But challenging it for the lead is Epic Sax Guy and friends. The break-out upbeat hit of Eurovision 2017 has been attracting more and more views. Only a week after the grand final, “Hey Mamma” was getting more daily views than “Amar Pelos Dois”, slowly but surely eating into the winner’s lead.

“Hey Mamma” now has over 8.55 million views, compared to “Amar Pelos Dois” on 8.54 million.

But this isn’t so unusual. As past years have shown us, the winning song isn’t always the one people want to repeatedly listen to in the months after Eurovision.

The most viewed video from 2011 is Eric Saade’s aptly named “Popular”. The song that only placed third in Düsseldorf is currently sitting on 2.97 million views, while the winning song “Running Scared” has 2.71 million.

Likewise, the most popular video from the 2016 grand final is televote winner Sergey Lazarev with “You Are the Only One” on 19.9 million views. Overall winner Jamala follows behind on 16.03 million views.

And of course, winning Eurovision is all about the impact a song makes at the grand final. Sometimes the winning song is like “Euphoria”, an enduring pop hit that is still played years later. Other times the winning song might not have a strong afterlife, but it captures a special moment at the final.

Eurovision 2017 – grand final video YouTube views

One of the biggest surprises in the overall list of YouTube views is Spain in sixth place with 2.13 million views. “Do It For Your Lover” notoriously placed last in Kyiv, so why the YouTube popularity?

Well, most of those views happened in the first week, when Eurofans were repeatedly enjoying the drama of Manel’s unfortunate bum note in the live performance.

  1. Moldova: Sunstroke Project “Hey, Mamma!” 8.55 million
  2. Portugal: Salvador Sobral “Amar pelos dois” – 8.54 million
  3. Romania: Ilinca ft. Alex Florea “Yodel It!” – 3.65 million
  4. Bulgaria: Kristian Kostov “Beautiful Mess” – 2.68 million
  5. Sweden: Robin Bengtsson “I Can’t Go On” – 2.29 million
  6. Spain: Manel Navarro “Do It for Your Lover” – 2.13 million
  7. Italy: Francesco Gabbani “Occidentali’s Karma” – 2.06 million
  8. Hungary: Joci Pápai “Origo” – 1.69 million
  9. France: Alma “Requiem” – 1.64 million
  10. Belgium: Blanche “City Lights” – 1.43 million
  11. Norway: JOWST “Grab the Moment” – 1.28 million
  12. Cyprus: Hovig “Gravity” – 0.98 million
  13. Belarus: Naviband “Story of My Life” – 0.83 million
  14. Greece: Demy “This Is Love” – 0.79 million
  15. Azerbaijan: Dihaj “Skeletons” – 0.76 million
  16. Germany: Levina “Perfect Life” – 0.71 million
  17. Netherlands: O’G3NE “Lights and Shadows” – 0.71 million
  18. Ukraine: O.Torvald “Time” – 0.64 million
  19. Croatia: Jacques Houdek “My Friend” – 0.56 million
  20. Israel: IMRI “I Feel Alive” – 0.49 million
  21. United Kingdom: Lucie Jones “Never Give Up on You” – 0.49 million
  22. Austria: Nathan Trent “Running on Air” – 0.43 million
  23. Australia: Isaiah “Don’t Come Easy” – 0.39 million
  24. Poland: Kasia Mo? “Flashlight” – 0.38 million
  25. Denmark: Anja “Where I Am”- 0.37 million
  26. Armenia: Artsvik “Fly with Me” – 0.22 million

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