Las Ketchup: “We didn’t choose to do Eurovision — we had to do it”


They’re one of Spain’s most-remembered one-hit wonders, having conquered the world with their 2002 number “The Ketchup Song (Aserejé)”.

And now, to mark the 15th anniversary of their only mega-hit, the sisters of Las Ketchup — Pilar, Lola and Lucía — have given an interview to newspaper El Mundo where they discuss, among other things, their disastrous performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.

For those of you who don’t remember, Las Ketchup delivered a less-than-stellar stage show. Sitting and spinning on office chairs, they shouted “Un bloodymary” while two dancers — both with shaved heads — performed lacklustre choreography. Iconic to some, peculiar to others, the entry finished with just 18 points (thanks, Andorra). Europe clearly thought their sauce was past its sell-by date.

Las Ketchup: “Bloody Mary” live at Eurovision 2006

It’s understandable that the sisters have mixed feelings for the contest and their entry.

Pilar explained that while they loved the fans and the experience itself, their time on stage was difficult. Apparently they couldn’t hear themselves while singing.

But an even bigger problem was their total lack of autonomy. They chose neither their song nor their costumes, which looked like street clothes dyed with tomato sauce. Lucía said that had they been able to make their own decisions, they would have chosen another song.

Their Eurovision experience might not have been a bed of roses (also red!). But hey: ten years later they got to rock the Melodifestivalen stage as a special interval act. How many Spaniards can say that?

Las Ketchup at Melodifestivalen 2016

The sisters understood early that it would be difficult to match the success of their hit, which sold more than seven million copies globally.

In the interview, they explained that they knew “the boom was going to finish sometime”.

“We were more prepared to fall than to rise,” one of the sisters said. “We dealt with it quite well.”

One hit wonders or not, they are lucky enough to keep performing and living thanks to music.

They recently performed in Norway and they’re actually relieved that they’re not that famous: “Our kids wouldn’t be able to cope with it.”

Are you craving a Bloody Mary now? We won’t judge you if you are. Either way please share your thoughts on Las Ketchup below!