WATCH: Manel Navarro gives hope to bullying victims in “Keep on Falling” music video


For Spain’s Manel Navarro the days of the Hawaiian shirts and Eurodramas are over.

And on Friday the Catalan singer reminded the world of that with the release of his music video for “Keep on Falling” — his follow-up single to “Do it for Your Lover”.

The song marks a huge step in his ongoing re-invention and sees him move from the happy clappy, sing-along stylings of his Eurovision tune toward something more mature and moody.

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Back in May, when he released the audio of “Keep on Falling“, a large elephant entered the room shouting, “Why didn’t he sing that at Eurovision?”

And now, with the release of the touching music video, that question comes full circle, as the video showcases the power of Manel’s voice and his ability to tackle the uncomfortable theme of bullying — an issue with which he is well-accustomed.

The song offers hope to anyone — a.k.a. all of us — who have ever been mocked or harassed. On Friday he uploaded a clip from the video to Instagram along with this message for his 65,000 followers.

For those of you that think ‘I can’t get up from this’: I think we’ve all been through something like that. But you get up. We all do. It’s not the person who doesn’t fall that’s greatest, but he who stands and tries again. This is my little message of overcoming and anti-bullying. May you help me to share it with the world and spread the love.

That messages comes through during the video. It’s as if Manel is opening his heart and telling you everything he felt — potentially during the Objective Eurovision fallout. But the video takes the narrative further.

There’s Manel singing in a dimly lit room while three young people cope with their own episodes of being bullied. All of them have words like “sad”, “clumsy”, “coward” or “nerd” written on their faces à la Svala’s “Paper” cover art.

But they each have a cute way of overcoming their problems: they pass a tiny music box that carries Manel’s strong message of perseverance. There’s also a second message if you reach for it: Music can help you overcome your problems.

Towards the end of the clip we see Manel building the little music box. At the same time the three other people erase the words that torment them from their faces.

Contrasting with the sad theme of the video, Manet must be buzzing following the wave of positivity in the Spanish press. Media outlets — including Bluper, Vertele and Formula TV — have all praised it.

Several figures in the music industry have also congratulated Manel on Twitter, including Brequette Cassie, Los 40 Principales’ main DJ Tony Aguilar and…Objetivo Eurovisión judge Xavi Martínez.

We’re super happy to see Manel evolve. When we first met him back in January, we weren’t sure what he wanted to tell with his music. Now he’s opening his heart in a super cute and warm music video. Who said Eurovision ruins careers?

What do you think of “Keep on Falling”? Do you prefer it to “Do it for Your Lover”? Let us know in the comments section below!