Azerbaijan’s DiHaj: “Salvador Sobral is a great artist with a beautiful voice”


She delivered one of the most memorable performances of Eurovision 2017, bringing together chalkboards and a man dressed as a horse.

And it’s been full steam ahead for Azerbaijan’s DiHaj since then with the release of her band’s debut album End of Sunrise in July.

Speaking to wiwibloggs in Baku last month, she dished on the nine-track album, her love of singing in English and, of course, her experiences at Eurovision 2017.

End of Sunrise, co-written with her two bandmates, features only English-language songs.

“It’s not that I decided [that],” she says of the language choice. “For now it comes more naturally to me — singing in English…but I think in the future there are going to be more Azeri songs.”

There’s plenty of more music in the pipeline: “We are going to record two singles at the end of August. We’re going to Berlin and we’re going to choose out of it something.”

When asked when, DiHaj keeps it loose. She doesn’t like to burden herself with marketing details.

“I am a musician,” she says. “I don’t want to think, ‘Now it’s time and I have to release something.’ That is the manager’s tough work. My aim is to write songs. When and where it’s going to be released is not my cup of tea.”

Portugal, the winning country at Eurovision 2017, gave DiHaj twelve points. And the love continued over the summer.

“I have to say they [OGAE Portugal] also invited us to a Eurovision party [in Porto]. It was very nice.”

The mutual respect is evident, as DiHaj has only kind things to say about Salvador Sobral and his winning number “Amar pelos dois.”

“This is a real song with real feelings — very romantic. I don’t mind that he won at all. I’m happy that this year Eurovision had the winner like this. Because he is a great artist with a beautiful voice and attitude. And the song was brilliant.”

“You can feel it. I’m also trying to find a balance in our art — in that way. It doesn’t matter in what language you’re singing, you have to spread the feeling of what you’re singing about or it doesn’t matter about the lyrics.”

Are you loving DiHaj’s laid-back spirit and edgy styling? Do you still listen to her song “Skeletons”? Let us know in the comments box below!

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