Amar pelos Salvador: We recap our Eurovision 2017 reaction videos about Portugal’s first ESC winner


September 1 — the un-official start of the Eurovision 2018 national finals season — is right around the corner. As we rev up for the long and bumpy road to Lisbon, and another year of non-stop reaction videos, we thought we’d pause and reflect on our impressions of the most recent Eurovision winner Salvador Sobral.

So we recently took 13 of our videos, beginning with the Festival da Canção artist announcement on January 19, and pulled out highlights of our growing love for the “Amar pelos dois” singer. While some of our commentators — most notably Chris — took a few months to warm up to Salvador, others were sold from the very beginning.

Early on we knew more about Salvador’s sister Luisa than we did about him. But once we heard his song and watched him slay FdC, the hype got real. Bernardo predicted that Portugal would win as early as March 15, and he was publicly accused of being high. He was not.

Our predictions move from “Top 10 finisher” to” dark horse to win” to “favourite to win” as we move from pre-parties (where Salvador was absent) to first rehearsal in Kyiv (when Luisa sang) to second rehearsal (when Salvador finally took the stage). It’s an emotional journey — and you can watch the highlights below.

We could only fit in so much material. After all, it’s a highlights reel. If you want to watch any of the featured videos in their entirety, you can follow the links further down in this post.

Salvador Sobral: Reaction videos mash-up

Featured videos

Festival da Canção artist announcement (January 19)

Festival da Canção preview (March 5)

Festival da Canção results (March 7)

Semi-Final 1 preview (April 19)

Wiwi Jury (April 22)

First rehearsal at Eurovision (April 30)

First rehearsals — Day 1 recap (April 30)

Our Top 3 after all 42 rehearsals (May 8)

Semi-final 1 jury show (May 8)

Semi-final 1 qualifiers’ press conference (May 9)

Grand final jury show (May 12)

Grand final — live voting results (May 13)

Portugal wins Eurovision 2017

Salvador Sobral Playlist

In any case, how did your feelings for Salvador evolve as the Eurovision season progressed? Was he your favourite prior to rehearsals? Or did you only feel the magic when he — and Luisa — took the stage in Kyiv? Let us know in the comments box below!

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