Belarus: Helena Meraai will sing “Ya Samaya” at Junior Eurovision 2017


Ten acts sang their hearts out on tonight’s national selection show, but in the end Belarus has decided that Helena Meraai will fly its flag at Junior Eurovision 2017 with the song “Ya Samaya” (I am The Most). Next stop, Tbilisi!

Standing on a small raised platform, Helena delivered a mature performance that showed off her power and control. What starts off as a traditional ballad eventually morphs into a drum ‘n bass ballad with a house feel. The quickening beat gives it drive and pace — it remains child-friendly, but occupies the more mature end of the song contest spectrum.

Helena’s dramatic facial expressions and arm movements suggest she’s put a lot of thought into the overall package. With greater control of the high notes and a dramatic LED, she could be on to something big for Tbilisi.

Helena Meraai – “Ya Samaya”

She follows in the footsteps of last year’s winner Alexander Minyonok, who opened Friday night’s televised final with his Junior Eurovision entry “Muzyka moikh pobed” (Music is my only way).

For the second year in a row, former Eurovision 2014 representative Teo got himself suited up and co-hosted with his wife Olga Ryzhykova.

Running order

  1. Helena Meraai – “Ya Samaya” (I am The Most)
  2. Anastasiya Timofeevich – “Volshebnyi Svet” (Magic Light)
  3. Ruslana Panchishina – “Tantsuy So Mnoy” (Dance With Me)
  4. Elina Mataras – “Ty Reshayesh Sam” (You Decide For Yourself)
  5. Yaroslav Sokolikov – “Okean” (Ocean)
  6. Stefaniya Sokolova – “Mama” (Mum)
  7. Arina Pekhtereva & Anastasiya Dmitrachkova – “Musyka Vselennaya” (Music Universe)
  8. National V. Mulyavin Children’s Art Center Quartet – “Prodolzhay Idti” (Continue To Go)
  9. Maria Zihilina – “Vyshe” (Higher)
  10. Anastasiya Zhabko – “Letim k Mechtam” (We Fly To Dreams)

The winner was decided by a 50/50 combination of televoting and juries consisting of music professionals. And they both agreed on Helena, putting her ahead of runner-up Maria Zihilina and bronze medalist Yaroslav Sokolikov.

Full results

  1. Helena Meraai – 24 points (12 with 20,799 votes/12 from juries)
  2. Maria Zihilina – 17 points (10 with 6,046 votes/7 from juries)
  3. Yaroslav Sokolikov – 16 points (6 with 1,687 votes/10 from juries)
  4. Ruslana Panchishina – 16 points (8 with 2,006 votes/8 from juries)
  5. National V. Mulyavin Children’s Art Center Quartet – 12 points (7 with 1,843 votes/5 from juries)
  6. Stefaniya Sokolova – 9 points (3 with 1,179 votes/6 from juries)
  7. Elina Mataras – 8 points (5 with 1,603 votes/3 from juries)
  8. Arina Pekhtereva & Anastasiya Dmitrachkova – 5 points (1 with 967 votes/4 from juries)
  9. Anastasiya Zhabko – 5 points (4 with 1,425/1 from juries)
  10. Anastasiya Timofeevich – 4 points (2 with 1,174 votes/2 with juries)

Was Helena Meraai your favourite? Did Belarus make the right decision? Let us know in the comments section below!