Over the summer she found herself at the centre of the Eurovision 2018 rumour mill, with fans and various news media speculating that she might sing for AVROTROS in Lisbon.

And on Friday Romy Monteiro confirmed that she had, in fact, been approached about singing at the contest for The Netherlands.

Speaking on Lars Boele’s morning show she said that she had been called to talks about a possible participation. But it seems she is taking things slowly, admitting that she’s keen to focus on writing her own music and album, and developing as a singer.

“I have not turned it down,” she said. But it seems that Romy would prefer to wait until she’s released more material in the years ahead.

But it now seems that any conversations Romy may have had were entirely informal.

Shortly after news broke today, Dutch Eurovision commentator Cornald Maas tweeted that no one has been formally approached and that nothing has been decided about The Netherlands’ Eurovision 2018 singer.

Following our earlier report that she may be considered for Eurovision, AVROTROS announced that the singing sensation will host Junior Songfestival — the country’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest selection.

“In recent years, the festival has proved a real springboard for young singing talents,” Romy said of the announcement. “And the boys and girls we see this year in the semifinals are also each such promising talents.”

Romy, who until recently was starring in the musical The Bodyguard, will host the two semi-finals.

Romy came to public attention in 2014 when she competed on The Voice of Holland, where she made it through to the quarterfinals. It wasn’t apparent at the time, but that season of the show spawned at least two Eurovision connections. Her coach was Eurovision 2015 star Trijntje Oosterhuis and the winners of that season were OG3NE, who went on to represent the Netherlands this year.

She may not have won the title, but Romy did win the leading role in the Dutch version of the musical The Bodyguard, where she went on to slay some of Whitney Houston’s biggest hits daily.

The musical also showed off another one of Romy’s talents: dancing. In 2016 she took part in the television show Dance, dance, dance, where she competed in a group along with mother Antje Monteiro, also a musical star.

Her voice combined with her ability to move would give The Netherlands the chance to send a dance track — the first in a very long time. But trust us: Romy will stand out even if she stands in place and belts out a ballad!

Romy also has loose connections to Portugal, where Eurovision 2018 will take place. Her estranged father, who left the family while she was still young, is Angolan-Portuguese.

Are you liking the idea of Romy at Eurovision — now or in the future? Let us know below!

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8 Comments on "Eurovision 2018: Romy Monteiro admits she was approached by Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS"

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she hasn’t released one Original song, all whitney houston covers, and she’s friends with nearly everyone in avrotros, cause of her famous mommy Antje Monteiro, who also is a tv presenter and singer

so Romy isn’t quite the normal girl every other girl can relate to, she has been handed all these musical gigs, participation on the voice of holland

for eurovision i want my country to send Sharon Doorson, Kensington, Dotan, Kovacs


Respect. She seems smarter than the selection commission by AVROTROS.
She hasn’t proved anything yet with own material and still they have approached her. When is AVROTROS ever gonna learn it is not a singing competition only…


Very wise words from Romy. She is still very inexperienced as an solo artist. She hasn’t found her own voice yet. She had a great run at The Voice, but was eliminated because of lack of a clear identity as an artist (her fault for choosing Trijntje as a coach). The people from The Bodyguard musical trained her very very hard, and turned her into a musical superstar. But more in the sense of a very good blank canvas, which is great for musicals but not for her as an independent artist. Love Romy, but not for Eurovision 2018.

Bart (Purple)

Interesting comment. It seems though that we have the same taste in names… 🙂


Still holding out for Within Temptation though….


I still want Kensington.


Gabbani accepted instantly. This Romy doesn’t deserve Eurovision. She ”would prefer to wait until she’s released more material in the years ahead”.
The queue is long, go back to sleep.

Paul D.

You know there’s more life beyond Eurovision right? Get a grip man