Less than a week ago Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) revealed the details of their internal selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and called on interested artists to prepare their submissions.

And according to Serbian tabloids Alo and Informer, pop star Jelena Karleuša is among the performers keen to represent the Balkan country in Lisbon next year.

According to an unnamed source that spoke to Informer, music and television producer Saša Popovic is determined to take Karleuša to Eurovision and produce a song and a performance for her.

Jelena Karleuša: Reaction video

In some ways her success would further buoy his own. Popovic is the head of record label Grand Production, and the creator and producer of music talent show Zvezde Granda, in which Karleuša serves as a member of the jury.

One of the most powerful men in the Serbian entertainment industry today, Popovic is allegedly convinced that Karleuša would significantly increase Serbia’s chances of victory in Lisbon.

“Saša believes he’s got the recipe for victory at Eurovision, those being: a catchy song, a good-looking chick who is a master of scandal, and an explosive performance,” the source told Informer.

“And he’s got all that in Karleuša! He talked very seriously about it with Karleuša and suggested that he would finance her participation in Eurovision.”

“She does want it,” the source continued, “but under one condition: that she chooses the song and creates the performance herself, because she does not want to embarrass herself. Popovic agreed to that and said he would pay for the songwriters, stylists, costume designers, dancers, LED screens, pyrotechnics, music video, everything she wishes for.”

Jelena Karleuša feat. Azis — “O.s.t.a.v.lj.a.m.t.e.”

Karleuša has been a fan favourite for Eurovision for quite some time.

Back in 2016, rumour had it that the blonde singer would represent Serbia that year in Stockholm, but she denied the chatter shortly afterwards.

“RTS has a different vision, so it’s not up to me,” she said, implying that she was indeed interested in Eurovision. She even shared a screen grab of our Tweet on the matter at the time.

Jelena has released ten successful albums and currently has one of the most followed Instagram account in the Balkans with over 1.6 million followers.

She has major swagger. Jelena has claimed that Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé copy her style, and she has her own fashion line, JK Wear. But she’s more than a fashionista: she’s also a major advocate of Serbia’s LGBT community.

What do you say? Do you think Jelena Karleuša has got it this time around? Would you like to see her on the Eurovision stage? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Photo credits: Jelena Karleuša’s official Instagram account, Alo


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I love ESC, but if Serbia sends her I will…. love it even more! SLAY JK YOU ARE MY QUEEN!


Jelena Karleusa is the only Serbian pop star that actually puts EFFORT into her visuals, choreography, costumes, backdrops, high-budget concerts, performances and music videos, always trying to outdo herself, PLUS she supported the LGBT community before it was cool, wrote columns defending them, participated in political debates fiercely fighting for gay rights and never gave up even when the whole country was against her. I would love to see her on the Eurovision stage! Her energy and creativity are unmatched!


She’s lovely! Looks so damn good!


With more than 5 years gone by since her last album, this is going to be a roll of the dice, for which, she could end up snake-eyes like Kaliopi (2016).


SUCH a diva! ?


She looks like a Barbie. 😮

Polegend Godgarina

I think this type of celebrity can only work in Serbia. She’s an icon for the gays over there and everything, but for the Eurovision Serbia could choose better.


Female Slavko.

Paul D.

Keep this trash away from ESC please


Imagine anything trashy being at Eurovision!


There’s a higher chance of me climbing Mt. Everest and running marathon in the next Olympics, than RTS sending Karleuša to ESC.


Karly rocks!!! ???


People, you have no ide a how much I adore this woman

Roy Moreno

The recipe for a Eurovision winner doesn’t match with Jamala and Salvador…
Try again Serbia?


I’d rather they try with Sanja or Bojana once more.




A Lady Gaga-wannabe … apparently Eurovision fans have a type … it’s clear .. and it doesn’t even matter where such wannabe comes from … it could come from Estonia … like it almost happened this year … and it could come from Serbia as this articles points out … And people still wonder why Salvador said what he said … we just don’t care … Eurovision is this tiny kindergarden bubble and for as long as it remains like that all Lady Gaga-wannbes will be part of it because fans said so! #facepalm #whatdiversityarewereallycelebrating


I do not know why you are you saying she’s a Lady Gaga copy – since she started her career in 1995 and sell a lot of copies of her first album, while Lady Gaga started her career in 2006, I belive Jelena has way more experience.
And I hated Salvador speech, in a way I agree with him, but I don’t think “fast food” music is not nesecarilly bad, it can be good there is no real defention of “good” music or “real” music, so I don’t agree with him on that.


This woman is a queen, she even has a song called Sodom & Gomora LOL. Serbia please send her!


She is huge star. You need to see Bankina ft Aca Lukas. That performance is much better than Ostavljam te. She is only person who fight with heart for LGBT in Serbia and Balkan.