Do Not Stop! Anastasiya Bahinska wins Ukraine’s Junior Eurovision 2017 selection


After hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv back in May, Ukraine‘s song contest team has now turned their attention fully to Junior Eurovision.

And on Friday, during its national selection, Ukraine decided that Anastasiya Bahinska will represent the country at Junior Eurovision 2017 with her entry “Ne zupyniai” (Do Not Stop).

Young Anastasia seems to have taken her own advice. Last year she narrowly lost out to Sofia Rol. But rather than getting bitter she got better and returned this year to snatch the crown.

Anastasiya Bahinska – “Ne zupyniai” national final performance

The ballad starts of tenderly, led by guitar, but after 90 seconds Anastasiya really lets rip as she takes things up a gear and even launches into a key change. Her backing vocalists chant a rather catchy refrain — ay, ay, ay, ay — and later the sounds of a violin adds more texture. It’s a package with real potential to wow.

She wasn’t the only familiar voice for Eurovision fans. JESC stalwart and Eurovision 2017 green room host Timur Miroshnychenko oversaw proceedings, alongside Daria Kolomiiets.

As in recent years, the musical show down took place outdoors at the International Children Center in Artek, Pushcha-Vodytsia.

Ten finalists were confirmed for the final after they performed in front of the judges during a semi-final two weeks ago.

Ukraine Junior Eurovision 2017 national final running order

  1. Veronika Kovalenko – “In My Dream”
  2. Pollianna Ryzhak – “On Your Way”
  3. Hlamurchyk – “De Ty I Ya” (Where You and I)
  4. Sofia Lozina – “Ya Viryu” (I Believe)
  5. Sofia Bondarenko – “Muzyka Dushi” (Music of the Soul)
  6. Anastasiya Bahinska – “Ne zupyniai” (Do Not Stop)
  7. Fedir Sklyarenko – “Davay, Spivay!” (Come On, Sing!)
  8. Daryna Halitska – “Yanholy” (Angels)
  9. Sofia Shkidchenko – “Yo De Ley”
  10. Nina Boykova – “Dream Is Near”

The winner was decided by a 50/50 combination of televoting and a jury panel consisting of music and sound producer Vadym Lysytsia, singer Iryna Shvaidak, singer-actor EL Kravchuk, singer-composer Svitlana Tarabarova and singer-musician ROZHDEN.

Despite finishing second in the jury vote, Anastasiya took the top spot after winning the televoting section. Daryna Halitska finished third in both categories to wind up as the runner-up, with the duo Hlamurchyk taking the bronze medal position overall.

Full results

  1. Anastasiya Bahinska – 19 points (9 from juries/10 with 6,038 votes)
  2. Daryna Halitska – 16 points (8 from juries/8 with 2,256 votes)
  3. Hlamurchyk – 13 points (4 from juries/10 with 2,047 votes)
  4. Nina Boykova – 13 points (6 from juries/7 with 1,591 votes)
  5. Veronika Kovalenko – 13 points (8 from juries/5 with 598 votes)
  6. Sofia Bondarenko – 12 points (10 from juries/2 with 284 votes)
  7. Sofia Lozina – 10 points (7 from juries/3 with 355 votes)
  8. Sofia Shkidchenko – 9 points (5 from juries/4 with 403 votes)
  9. Fedir Sklyarenko – 8 points (2 from juries/6 with 686 votes)
  10. Pollianna Ryzhak – 4 points (3 from juries/1 with 113 votes)

Did Ukraine make the right decision? Let us know in the comments section below. You can watch the national final again below as well.

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