He’s the crooner who had the honour of singing for Australia during its competitive debut at Eurovision 2015, dropping a fun and funky track en route to the Top 5.

And on Friday Guy Sebastian got funky yet again, reviving the disco with his latest single “High On Me”.

The up-tempo track picks up where his Eurovision entry “Tonight Again” left off, with Guy singing suggestively about spending time with his suitor. There are some great production tricks at play, including a creamy synth and an addictive drum beat that add a disco feel on top of his existing soul.

Guy stretches his vocal register, getting high enough to make Romania’s Cezar envious. The delicious hook is delivered with his signature pizzazz and attitude. It’s wormed itself so far into our ears that it won’t be forgotten tomorrow… making tonight so good.

The new song caps off  a successful year for the singer.

Fresh from holidaying in Japan, he recently revealed his incredible physical transformation on the cover of Australian Men’s Health magazine, losing the dad bod and gaining a six-pack.

Sebastian plans to add a final accolade to 2017 with the release of his new album Conscious later this year. He told The Daily Telegraph that the new album is inspired by a dramatic change in his philosophy on life and music, with a focus on writing songs to feed his soul, not the soul of others.

“I want to treat each song the way it should be treated — with integrity, not to make it get played or please people. I’ve done that in the past… I’ve been doing this for a while now and I don’t care what forum it’s in, I just want to write good pop songs.”

If “High on Me” is anything to go by, we’re pumped for the new album.

What do you think of Guy’s latest single “High On Me”? Let us know in the comments below!

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the song dope!


His song n 2015 was great! Best Australian song. He has other good songs too

Lyn Childs

Absolutely love it. He never fails to deliver.


His stuff always sounds the same.


So does a lot of Eurovision rubbish and pop music you love so much but you don’t seem to have a problem with that …


Take a chill pill. Its just an opinion.