Serbia: Tijana Bogicevic makes a splash with Vladimir Vukovic in “Ti Imas Pravo” music video


She’s the Serbian star who opened the second semi-final of Eurovision 2017 with a digital whirlpool and crashing waves.

And this week Tijana Bogicevic is turning heads — and leveraging the appeal of water — once more with the release of her music video for “Ti Imas Pravo” (You Have the Right).

As at Eurovision, Tijana once again calls upon a skin-tillating male sidekick — this time in the form of Montenegrin heartthrob Vladimir Vukovic — who shows off his impressive physique before diving into a pool.

The video marks Tijana’s directorial debut. Together with Branko Koprivica, she set out the themes of the music video and headed to several locations in Bosnia & Herzegovina to bring them to life. “Ti Imas Pravo” is the second cut from her upcoming album.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Tijana unpacked the song’s meaning.

“‘Ti Imas Pravo’ talks about that one special person in your life that you will always love, yet you also know that being in relationship is just not a good idea for either one of you. In the music video, we are two actors in the same space, but we are not interacting with each other. We are not together, but we remain in each other’s lives. This ambiance actually signifies life. To me, a hug says I love you louder than a kiss. So we ended on that note.”

This isn’t the debut of “Ti Imas Pravo”. After the contest in Kyiv, Tijana published part of the song on her Instagram profile which attracted positive fan feedback. She followed that up with an official lyric video release.

Why did she want to sing in Serbian?

“I haven’t suddenly decided to sing in Serbian. All of my original music is in Serbian. When it came to the Eurovision entry, if it was up to me, I would have sang it in Serbian as well. I will be back in Serbia in October to promote this song locally, and prepare for my album release.”

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