EXCLUSIVE: Portugal’s Rui Andrade releases first international single “Confia em Mim”


Back in 2014 he provided backing vocals for Russia’s Tolmachevy sisters at Eurovision. And from Portugal’s national selection for Eurovision to The X-FactorRui Andrade has kept himself busy since then.

Now, after launching his own YouTube channel and being a part of several theatre and musical productions, one of Portugal’s favourite hunks is ready to take the world by storm with the release of his first international single “Confia em Mim” (Know Me Better). And it comes with a smoking hot music video, which we are thrilled to premiere exclusively on wiwibloggs.


If the song sounds a little familiar, it’s because it’s an updated Portuguese version of Maltese Eurovision star Fabrizio Faniello’s 2011 single “Know Me Better”. The version from Claudio Faniello’s brother is fabulous but Rui is taking things to another level, partnering with upcoming director Renato Arroyo for the sensual music video.

“I’m really happy to join the CAP Sounds family,” he tells wiwibloggs. “I was contacted years ago but because of several reasons we weren’t able to kick off the project straight away. It’s very different to work with an international label when we compare it to the ones in Portugal. That gave me creative control and liberty to express my ideas.”

“I love the music. You don’t hear this type of song in the Portuguese language. That is what makes it so interesting. The video was a unique experience. Everyone in it had the same presence and charisma, including everyone backstage. Paulo Machado, Jéssica Batista, Rui Teixeira, Rodrigo Albuquerque and Renato Arroyo.”

“The idea was very well built. We shot it in a parking lot that was available for us the entire day and it was amazing.”

“Confia em Mim” is a firm step in Rui’s musical career as it is his first released song backed by an international record label. The song will be released across Europe in its English version. The Portuguese version will cross the Atlantic and will also be launched in Brazil.

If you’re in Portugal, make sure to tune in to the popular TV talk show Você na TV on TVI tomorrow morning for Rui’s first live performance of the single.

“Confia em Mim” is now available through all legal platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

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