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He’s one half of a duo that took sex to the top of Francophone music charts in 2006. Now, after a recent stint on reality TV, Nony is ready to sing for France at Eurovision 2018

Born Anthony Kruger, Nony is best known as a member of Tribal King, along with David Sansault. The pair enjoyed incredible success with their debut single “Façon Sex”, reaching number one in both France and Wallonia. However, their popularity proved to be brief. The follow-up peaked at 15 and by 2009 the hits had dried up completely.

Over a decade on from his musical heyday, Nony is back in the public eye following his participation in Secret Story — a reality show similar to Big Brother except with the added twist that each housemate has a secret. Nony’s not so secret secret was that he once topped the charts for several weeks. The 33 year old didn’t last long, and was evicted on day one. And therein begins his Eurovision story.

In a post-eviction interview with Télé the one-hit wonder makes clear his desire to do Eurovision. When asked about his future projects, Nony explains that he’s been planning a comeback for a while. And the man is serious. He’s already written and composed an entry for France’s upcoming national selection.

I will release a title in the coming weeks. I have been preparing for my return for a while … And I am ambitious to represent France at Eurovision in Portugal in 2018! I wrote and composed a title for [the national selection]. It is a real challenge and I really want to do it.

As for whether he’ll do more reality TV, the answer is no. Eurovision is now his main priority.

I need time to think and see what is good for me or not. With the Eurovision project, reality TV is not really compatible.

Tribal King “Façon Sex” (Official Video)

France at Eurovision 2018

It’s the Big Five nation that turned around its run of bad luck and regularly brings home good results. Now France’s broadcaster France 2 has opened submissions for its entry in Eurovision 2018. But things are different this time: France will be returning to a national final.

While the broadcaster hasn’t released specific details of the national final, they have confirmed a contest format will be used to select France’s song for Eurovision 2018. The show will be produced by ITV Studios France, the French outpost of the major UK television production house.

The contest is open to all, potentially giving undiscovered French singers the chance to be the next Amir or Alma. There’s also the possibility that established French artists will enter.

As well as the usual requirements for a Eurovision entry, there are some specific rules for the French song search. The song cannot have more than four songwriters behind it, and the lyrics must be at least 70% French. Both of France’s two most recent Eurovision entries have been bilingual, using English lyrics in the chorus to connect with non-French-speaking viewers.

Do you want to see Nony in the French national final? Are you ready for some “Façon Sex” realness? Or would you rather he stay away? Let us know in the comments below.



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No chance for him. in France if you have participated in a reality show like “big brother”, no one takes you seriously and you have a label “nerdy” stuck on the front. On the other hand, former program candidates such as “The voice” or “La nouvelle star” are not badly seen (Amir is the best example)


I have to say I don’t know this guy. But I’m not sure if it’s my taste. We’ll see when we listen to the song. Hope it’s good.

The truth is France deserves better. There’s so much talent right there!


If France will slaughter the song with english lyrics again, like Alma did, it deserves to return to the last place.

Twisted French

Please no…… that’s the worst you can get. France deserves better

Jon hand bag

Why is a gay guy singing about sex with a woman??? Hmmm


because we need more straight love songs in ESC, and more gauys singing about girls of course! 🙂


Archimede pur la France 🙂


The fact that somebody is willing to participate for France and took time to compose an entry for the National Selection is already an improvement. Before Amir even this guy would have said “Is Eurovision still a thing?”


That’s true.

Music Is the Key

How you know he is gay? 🙂 We can’t tell. i agree we need more directly “straight” love songs in ESC though!


NO NO NO! We have already Secret Story “singers” here, Fanny and Javardina!!! 👿


Don’t forget the “Xaroca” remix of Bibi lol


Yelle or Sasha Bem 4 France, pls.


The fact that he participated in a reality tv show on tf1 ( competitor channel of France 2) sealed his fate. Suivant !


26th calling


Nah. I was hoping for Priscilla Betti.

Stay Strong Salvador

Edoardo Grassi is the new genius of ESC. Christer Bjorkman who?


Gotta admit he really raised the bar for our Country, hope they will not mess up our selection.