Norway’s Marcus & Martinus team up with Melodifestivalen composer Linnea Deb…but for what?


They’re the twin brothers who have taken Scandinavia by storm with three hit albums, each of which topped the Norwegian charts.

Now, with Marcus & Martinus set to turn 16 next February, many in their fan base are crossing their fingers that the brothers will make a run at Eurovision 2018.

On Wednesday Norwegian rapper and radio host Sirius got fans wondering again when he shared an Instagram snap of the twins inside his studio, along with the caption “Session!”

But what’s really juicy here is that they’re joined in the studio by Linnea Deb — the composer behind 11 Melodifestivalen entries, including 2013’s “You” from Robin Stjernberg and 2015’s “Heroes” from Måns Zelmerlöw, which went on to win Eurovision.


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Her other songs include “Statements” from Loreen, “Don’t Worry” from Ace Wilder and “My Heart Wants Me Dead” from Lisa Ajax.

Linnea reposted the photo on her own Instagram account shortly after Sirius’ initial post.

Marcus & Martinus for Melodi Grand Prix?

The 15-year-olds will turn 16 in February, making them eligible to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest.

This, coupled with their apparent partnership with Linnea Deb, naturally leads to several potential theories.

The first is that they submitted a song to Melodi Grand Prix, Norway’s Eurovision selection. The submission period has closed — and NRK must now sift through nearly 1,200 entries. But it’s possible the photo was taken several weeks ago and only uploaded now (a common strategy deployed by social media stars and p.r. teams to maximise buzz at times of their choosing). It’s also possible that they’ve already been given the all-clear for the contest and are fine-tuning things in the studio now.

It may seem like wishful thinking. But Linnea Deb’s “Thunderstruck” — performed by Erlend Bratland — did finish second at MGP in 2015. She’s happy to work across borders.

You may argue that the boys have nothing to gain by entering MGP. They’re easily one of Norway’s biggest pop exports. But perhaps another thought is that they have nothing to lose, either. Their legion of fans, which cannot be underestimated, would all but assure them of victory at home — or at least a solid placing.

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M&M at Melodifestivalen 2018?

And that fan base could also help them abroad, which raises the possibility they might just enter Melodifestivalen instead.

Their three albums have all hit #1 in Norway. But their most recent offering Together also topped the charts in Sweden. As we saw with Krista Siegfrids, Melodifestivalen head honcho Christer Björkman is totally fine with welcoming foreign acts into the show.

The public submission period in Sweden closes on September 18. But only 14 of the 28 competing songs are chosen this way, with SVT handpicking the other 14 from composers and artists of its choosing. Surely M&M are worthy of such a selection. After all, their 2015 single “Elektrisk” hit #8 in Sweden.

Moreover, the guys are quite keen to make it in Sweden.

In 2016, just a few weeks before Eurovision, they met up with wiwibloggs inside of the Hard Rock Café Stockholm. We were there scouring venues for our annual Wiwi Jam. They were there rehearsing ahead of a massive promo event to get to know their Swedish fans.

They’ve already mixed with the Eurovision set plenty of times before.

In 2012 the “Light It Up” hitmakers won the eleventh season of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix Junior with “To dråper vann”. The show, coincidentally, was hosted by Norway’s Eurovision 2012 singer Tooji.

Earlier this year, they performed as a special act during the final of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu — Finland’s Eurovision selection. And in May they read out Norway’s jury points during the grand final of Eurovision 2017, awarding top marks to Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov.

Would you like to see the brothers compete in a national selection? Do you think this is likely? Or is Linnea working with them on non-Eurovision music? Let us know in the comments box below!

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