FYR Macedonia: MRT confirms participation in Eurovision 2018


With the mid-September deadline past, the confirmations for Eurovision 2018 are flooding in. Next to confirm is FYR Macedonia. No more dancing alone for this Balkan nation!

Broadcaster MRT revealed its general broadcast plans for 2018. And on its list is the broadcast of and participation in Eurovision 2018. It’s important to note that the plan still needs final approval, but it’s extremely likely this will be given.

The document confirms that FYR Macedonia will use the contest to “present Macedonian music values through participation in this festival.”

MRT will be budgeting approximately €138,000 for their participation in Eurovision 2018.

There’s no word, however, on how MRT will select their act for Lisbon. The 2018 broadcast plans also mentions MRT’s role as the broadcaster of Skopje Fest 2018.

The song competition has previously been used as a national final for FYR Macedonia, however since 2016 MRT has internally selected their Eurovision act.

FYR Macedonia at Eurovision

FYR Macedonia debuted at Eurovision in 1996. Their best years were the mid 2000s, where from 2004 to 2007 they always qualified for the grand final and took home respectable mid-table finishes. However, the past decade has not been as promising.

In the last ten years, FYR Macedonia has only qualified for the grand final once. That was in 2012, when Kaliopi took her fierce rock anthem “Crno i belo” to a 13th place finish in Baku.

She returned in 2016 with the rock ballad “Dona”, which narrowly missed out on qualifying for the grand final, with an 11th-place finish in its semi-final.

In 2014, pop singer Tijana performed “To the Sky” in Copenhagen, but only managed 13th place in her semi-final. The following year, Skopje Fest winner Daniel Kajmakoski performed “Autumn Leaves”, joined on stage by former members of the ’90s boyband Blackstreet. Their combined talent could only manage a 15th place finish.

Earlier this year, Jana Burceska became an early fan favourite with the studio version of her song, “Dance Alone”. Sadly, the live version of the song couldn’t capture that studio magic and the performance languished in 15th place.

But there was still good news for Jana — she announced her pregnancy in her postcard, and her boyfriend surprised her with a green room marriage proposal.

With FYR Macedonia having been out of the grand final for so long, MRT will no doubt be looking for ways to get their groove back. After all, FYR Macedonia is one of the top 10 countries to have competed the longest without a win. Will 2018 be their time?

What do you think? Who should represent FYR Macedonia in Lisbon? How should the act be selected? Share your thoughts below!