Just weeks ago he delivered an emotional farewell concert before going on career hiatus to focus on his health.

And earlier this week Eurovision 2017 winner Salvador Sobral continued his fight, entering Lisbon’s Santa Cruz Hospital where he is under the observation of a skilled team of doctors who specialise in heart-related issues.

As Spanish newspaper El Mundo and several Portuguese media report, the “Amar pelos dois” singer is awaiting a heart transplant.

The Santa Cruz hospital is considered a leader in this field. In fact, it was the first hospital in the country ever to perform a heart transplant. The institution’s history and reputation suggest he will receive the best treatment available.

Owing to privacy issues the hospital has not confirmed that Salvador is, in fact, a patient there. However, El Mundo reports that by September 18 “a significant security protocol had been activated in the enclosure, with guards controlling accesses to prevent the passage of people outside the institution.”

It’s further proof that doctors and staff are doing their utmost to ensure the singer and national treasure can recuperate in peace and without unnecessary distraction as he awaits a heart transplant.

During Festival da Canção earlier this spring, Salvador had to cope with his ongoing medical situation and endless rumours speculating about the exact nature of his condition.

As hype built about his song and his odds of winning, the singer had to simultaneously deal with his personal issues while in an ever-brighter public spotlight.

Owing to doctor’s orders, he was not allowed to travel to Eurovision for the entire fortnight of rehearsals and shows. Instead, he dispatched his sister and composer Luisa to rehearse in his place. Moments after the announcement, Luisa spoke with wiwibloggs about the situation in Lisbon.

Team Sobral pressed on, delivering beautiful staging that won over millions of televoters and the professional jury at Eurovision.

Following his landmark victory, the limelight grew more intense. With sell-out concerts across the country and an ever-larger profile, Salvador was eventually forced to discuss his health more publicly when he announced his decision to go on a temporary career hiatus to focus on his health.

His announcement came in a YouTube video entitled “Hello, Até já” (Hello, See you soon).

“It is no longer a secret to anyone that my health is fragile,” he said in the video, while seated at a piano.

“I have a problem. Unfortunately, the time has come to give my body to science and consequently to remove myself from the life of concerts and music in general. Get out a bit of this world of civilians and go to another, where surely this problem will be solved. Unfortunately, I do not know how long it will take.”

“I’ll be back soon — how soon I do not not know.”

All of us on wiwibloggs — and, indeed, all Eurovision fans around the world — are sending Salvador so many positive vibes and our best wishes.

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so will you with a heart attack. and guess what? you’ll still be a nobody.

anna theresia
EnjaESC…I TOTALLY AGREE! We’re probably for sure….MILLIONS of people…supporting …sending Love Light Hope Strength and the same Unbelievable great PASSION He gave Us! That’s a real huge strong ENERGY from all of us caring about Salvador….I really Do hope all this Love Passion and Hope …Faith..Will reach him as a very strong Wind…like a fire..in the same way His energy reached us…he held his heart soul in his hand…for us! We will do the same for him now! Prayers Hope Faith Love and Passion from Sweden to Salvador! He’ll use his passion to go through what ever he needs to… Read more »

OFF TOPIC – I’ve read an article, if somebody dies, and if the relatives are to decide if agree to donate the organs, the hardest decision is to donate the EYES.


“Owing to privacy issues the hospital has not confirmed that Salvador is, in fact, a patient there” This sentence actually implies that it is very possible that the whole article is false!
“The singer is awaiting a heart transplant.” What heart transpant? Do u have a reliable source where salvador actually confirms this?


This is sick!


I want to be practical. What is the law for transplant in Portugal? I guess is something with religious influence, or not.????….
In my country Romania each person decides when they sing the medical insurance. The church also advises to donate your organs.
People everywhere, in every country, are afraid that rich people will want them dead as soon as possible. This is legitimate fear.
Can’t believe that a heart can’t be found in an moral, correct way.


Well, actually by law people donate organs by default in case of death, unless you state legally that you do not want to donate. So the it is actually reversed and makes transplant easier. No religious influence whatsoever… Nobody knows what is really going on, though, unless close family, I guess. But I believe that there must be a difficulty in finding a compatible donor. This is very sad.

Thank you for the answer, the most sad thing would be to find out that S.Sobral does not even look for donation because he is too fragile. I still can’t believe that can be more people looking for donation, than people that can donate. I don’t know anything about compatibility, but still…how can be so many people with heart problems? S.Sobral looks so fragile that I really wish for him to be ready for the surgery in the first place. And I’ve heard he and his sister are vegetarians, so they are doing it in the right way, not just… Read more »

I think they are doing the right things and I a stay positive it will turn out find. He is in very good hands


Even if legally everybody in Portugal is a potential donor by default, it doesn’t mean that anyone who dies can donate. A heart transplant must be done with a living donor (the person must be in brain death, but the heart still beating). Other than that, donor and recipient must be compatible with blood group, immune system, etc. Even height and weight must be similar.


I hope he gets better, he deserves it.
In news that got out today it was saying that his condition got worse and he is in the Intensive cares… 🙁 I hope it’s not true 🙁
Força Salvador!


Ola Salvador, Bom dia, I hope that all goes well with your operation and that you continue to sing beautiful music. Beijos ??

Cem Yildiz

Dear Salvador, you made me cry with your winning song “Amar Pelos Dois”, but not this time! I believe that you will get well and continue creating your beautiful music. Love you!


Now we know how ill he is, I don’t think it was a good idea for him to do Eurovision at all.


I disagree. Time is precious (for us all), and it was inspiring and beautiful to see him live his life to the fullest, and not letting his problems stop him from doing anything. We should all be so brave. I hope it was a ray of light in an otherwise difficult time and helped create some happy memories and bonds that will last forever for the Sobral family.

Robyn Gallagher

Doing Eurovision was a decision made by Salvador in conjunction with his team of medical professionals. It didn’t cause his heart problem and it seems unlikely it could have made it significantly worse. He has a life and he’s living it! 🙂


I agree that maybe he could’ve taken it easier with the concert schedule afterwards, but emotional health is important for physical health. Remembering the reasons life is worth living (onding with lloved ones, doing what you love, giving something to the world, etc.) gives people strength and vitality to work on their physical health, and Salvador is lucky that he had both the opportunity and the talent for that.


Please live!


I wish him all the health from the planet and beyond .


This is very sad. I hope he gets better quickly.

But, are we sure it’s a heart transplant? Only one newspaper is reporting it, and there is no real confirmation. This could (and we hope) it’s just a rumor.

If he needed a heart transplant, he’d be walking around with an artificial heart machine–not merely a temporary pacemaker (which is what people think he’s wearing under those baggy clothes). Rather, he may need to undergo open heart surgery, which itself requires several months of recovery.

Anyway, hope he’s OK.


He *is* wearing what is basically an artificial heart machine. He’s wearing something called an LVAD (left ventricular assist device) which makes his heart function while there’s a heart available. Pacemakers are much, much smaller.


Get well soon, Salvador! We all love you ! Best wishes to him and his family ! ???


Sending all my positive energy to Salvador and his family. I hope he’ll get better very soon ??


My best wishes to Salvador, Luísa, and the Sobral family. He’ll be back better than ever.

OTOH, we’re the ones who are gonna have a heart attack with all the hyperbolic headlines floating around.


God bless him! Very best of luck to you, Salvador. 🙂


We all wish you the very best,Salvador.
I’ve had my own share of health problems(heart-related has well,but way easier to treat),but I got it through.You’re gonna do it as well.
Keep in mind that millions of us have your back.Stay strong <3 .