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Eurovision 2018 is fast becoming one of the hottest tickets in town. There’s already been a five year high in song submissions in Sweden. Norway’s NRK have had the highest ever amount for Melodi Grand Prix. Now, Switzerland’s SRF has announced their own record breaking year.

A total of 670 applications were made by the deadline of 0800 CET this morning, September 22. This comes off the back of several rule changes from last year’s selection.

Following a June meeting with Melfest experts Christer Björkman and Martin Österdahl, SRF made some big changes to their Entschiedungsshow selection.

With non-Swiss songwriters allowed to enter the competition once more, focus has turned more to the song than the singer. Whilst songs could be entered with a singer in mind, SRF can assign a song to a different singer if they feel it’s a better match. This, of course, is how the system works at Melodifestivalen.

Entscheidungsshow 2018

A brutal culling process of these 670 songs now follows. A 20-person expert panel, made of media representatives from all Swiss regions, will listen to all entries. They will then cut those songs down to a top six, though SRF producers can enter a seventh act as a wildcard.

The finalist songs will then be matched to an artist. This stage of the selection should be done around October/November of this year. The Entschiedungsshow 2018 final — where the result will be decided by 50% international jury, 50% televote — takes place on February 4.

Are you excited to see the increase in interest for Switzerland? Is there an act you’re hoping to see enter? Let us know all your thoughts in the comments section below!

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First, every time I see the word “Entschiedungsshow” I know it’s about the Swiss national selection, but the only word I can pronounce is “show”. It happens when you don’t speak German. It seems strange and hard to say it.

Nevertheless, I was really sad about Switzerland this year, they had a good song but they didn’t qualify. To be honest, you can’t go far with this staging.

Hope this year will be a good year for the Swiss in Eurovision!


Should be a good one among all this songs!


I hope Stefanie Heinzmann is among those who submitted an entry for this show.


Hi I am from Spain and I have submitted one of those 670 proposals. I am very happy cause I love Eurovision and this year tired of just talking about if that song is good, or the other is better I decided to compose my own songs for ESC so I started learning to make beats.
Also I have submitted other proposal to Melodi Grand Prix, you can hear it on here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXuewFeXNtI
And next year more and better 😉


Higtal: I enjoyed this!

Ron Kavaler

Good luck Switzerland 🙂


Switzerland please return a three beatiful language national in switzerland ? italian , french , maybe german ?


It’s great to hear that the numbers are up in the preselections, however if Switzerland chose another good song this year but have awful staging again then what’s the point. Good luck to them though.

Robyn Gallagher

I take comfort in knowing that they managed a good song with good staging in 2014. And that was a year with a huge, awkward stage that not all countries knew how to use properly. Switzerland can make it work.

Maybe Sebalter needs to return…


That’s a good point 2014 was a very strong performance. I loved Ginta Biku last year with cet air la. I think should could have done very well hopefully she’ll return.


She would have finished below San Marino probably


Is the staging really that important?


For mediocre songs it is!!