Ouch! LeKlein auditions for ‘The Voice’…and none of the judges turn their chairs


In her Objetivo Eurovisión entry “Ouch”, she sang the phrase “never silence my voice”. But on Friday evening it became apparent that The Voice of Spain‘s judges weren’t listening.

Vanesa Klein (aka LeKlein) auditioned for La Voz, the Spanish version of The Voice. Working her smokey, resonant vocals, she delivered an energetic rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s “I Drove All Night” (many of you may be familiar with later versions released by Roy Orbison and Celine Dion). But despite spirited dancing by the judges, none of them turned their chairs. Say it with me now: Ouch.

We’ve pasted the video below, but unfortunately it is not available in all countries. If you can’t watch it, then try the video here at 19:20.

Hoping to serve Cyndi Lauper realness for the audience, she undid her mohawk for the night and sported a much more rock-friendly look than her bedazzled attire at Objetivo Eurovision. The public seemed to be feeling it and clapped along.

To be totally honest, she wasn’t quite owning the stage. She, more than any of the nervous newbies who followed her, knows how to own a gig. But something just wasn’t connecting with the judges, who struggled with their decision and could be seen toying with the idea of whether to push the button. In the end it was a series of no‘s.

And then the drama. LeKlein wore disappointment, anger and rage in her eyes, which producers interspersed with shots of her parents backstage putting their hands on their heads and saying “it just can’t be true”. Many in the audience were shocked.

Such was the tension that once the judges’ armchairs turned around, LeKlein started singing again in a desperate attempt to get any of the four to push the button. But it was all in vain, as the coaches had made up their minds. As she said in her Eurovision bid, “sometimes it hurts so greatly”.

Once LeKlein stopped singing, the judges explained that her performance hadn’t really touched them. Malú praised her artistry and acknowledged how obvious it was that LeKlein was a professional singer who just didn’t reach her full potential on the night. Pablo López told her she would soar in the music industry in the end….even if she didn’t soar here.

However, she seems to have recovered well from that experience. Hours after her audition, she published this video on her Instagram singing “I drove all night”. Keep on driving, baby!

Did you like LeKlein’s performance? Did she sing better than at Objetivo Eurovision? Do you think we’ll see her again at a national selection? Tell us in the comments section below!